Chicago Hip Hop Summer 2012 begins

Ebone Hoodrich – Why U Lyin (Prod. by Chase Davis) (2012)

With MTV in town to shoot throughout the city and throw two separate shows, this week has been pretty crazy for Chicago rap;  King Louie announced through a Source interview that he had signed 2 or 3 mo. ago to Sony/Epic, dropped the “Val Venis” track he’d threatened a few months back,  and more than a few other artists dropped some must-downloads as well.

Not to be missed:

Chris Mille f. Yale Lucciani and Katie Got Bandz – Shake Somethin’ (Prod. by Smylez)

King Louie – Val Venis (Prod. by C-Sick)

Young Giftz and Broadway – Whoaaaaaaa (Prod. by LoKey)

Edai – Gucci (Prod. by Smylez)

Pac Man

Before getting to my own announcement on Monday, I thought I’d share a little Chicago rap history. I noticed on twitter that LEP and Louie are doing a 27th birthday party show for the deceased rapper Pac Man tonight. For those who don’t know, Pac Man was killed in June of 2010; prior to his passing, he was a rising artist who was working with L.E.P., memorably producing hooks for “Bag” and my personal fav “Street Money,” which, if you’re anything like me, will have you saying “duffle bags under my eyes from no sleep-money” on a frequent basis:

LEP Bogus Boys feat. Pac Man – Street Money

He had a distinctive voice & style; his verses on “Beast Over East” from LEP’s Don’t Feed the Killaz Vol. 3 and “Wide Open” are standouts on their respective records. Pac Man was from Dro City, the same neighborhood as King Louie; earlier this year, King Louie affiliate Boss Woo did a version of “Tupac Back” called “Pac Man Back.” Pac Man was known for the track “Dro Style,” the video of which features the dance of the same name and attentive somanyshrimp readers will recognize a young King Louie makes an appearance.

King Louie – He’s On Fire video, King Louie Discography

From Dope & Shrimp, 2011

And a quick King Louie discography:

Boss Shit
Cloud 9
More Boss Shit
Chiraq Drillinois
Man Up Band Up
Hardbody the Mixtape

DJ V-Dub
Man Up Band Up Pt. 2

He also had a tape at one point called ‘heartbreak kid’ but it appears to have been erased from the internets.

King Louie on WGCI’s the Afterparty

Shout to Andrew at Fake Shore Drive, Thursday after parties with him & the hilarious Tony Sco are now must-watch-E-TV at the somanyshrimp household. This week though had a full interview with King Louie, talking about meeting Too Short, plans for Dope & Shrimp, etc. Looks like the Dope & Shrimp tape might be going for a full itunes release rather than a livemixtapes leak.

Video streaming by Ustream

King Louie & Boss Woo – Gumbo

Not to be confused with “Gumbo Mobsters” — I’ve been listening to Louie’s Man Up Band Up mixtape a lot lately. Although I stand by my characterization of his first tape, Boss Shit, as a Chicago classic, I’ve got to be clear that he’s come into his own in the past year, that this stuff is a huge step forward. (Boss Shit also has the disadvantage of sounding extremely 2007 — including freestyles over “Crank Dat” & “Buy You a Drink”). But his flow just has a distinctive flavor & I can’t think of many major rappers nationally who have more incredible material out right now.

His new tape, Dope & Shrimp, hasn’t leaked yet, and based on what I’ve heard, it’s got a good chance to be his biggest release yet. But More Boss Shit, Man Up Band Up and Chiraq Drillinois, as well as the collab tape Hardbody are all packed with some incredible music. If this is too intimidating of a catalog, you can check his Best of King Louie joint. It includes what I consider the best track off Dope & Shrimp (see track 4).

EDIT: And we have another best-of tape from his official DJ, DJ Twin.

King Louie – Get Paid verse lyrics

Download here.

Band Nation
On my bread, I’m mayonnaise’n
M.O.B., no ho-chasin’
just dope facin’, fo’ tasin’ [?]
stuntin’ hard, every location
on paper, no probation
king louie I’m uh-mazin’
made the money stand, ovation
only gas pack in rotation
dirty sprite got me so lazy
my bust it baby, his old lady
my east guys, they so crazy
yeah i’m broke but not po’ baby
flow sick, I’m so gravy
I’m poured up, tell em old baby
to get paid, we all bangin’
what we on, we on y’all stainin’
wide-body, get it all lane-in’
I’m Too Cool, all yall layman
stop flow, hall of fame-in’
his dame, boppin’ ain’t it
out her mouth, i done came in
i’m straight, y’all complainin’
money game, we all gainin’
teamwork make the dream work
i’m good off a mean jerk
couple zeros and a hot verse
got stupid bands in my man-purse
no machines or my hand hurt
loud only, can’t stand dirt
ballin’ hard, Sanders
I’m untouchable, Hammer.