Rappers and Their Adlibs

Written by David Turner (@dalatudalatu)

Where are the adlibs on “Cut Her Off?” They’re certainly there but of recent Atlanta street anthems K Camp’s burgeoning hit sounds positively minimal compared to other notable Atlanta tracks from 2013. I’m probably making much out of nothing, because K Camp’s adlibs play back against his first verse, but they didn’t add much to the song. Compared to the trio of Migos, who pack tracks with all verbal sounds to prevent there being a second of empty space; or a Young Thug, whose adlibs are either *unintelliable language* or an entire one-on-one musical conversation. I went back to K Camp’s recent tape with DJ Drama, In Due Time, and was disappointed at the tape’s mediocrity beyond “Cut Her Off” and his previous hit “Money Baby.” But in the last decade, adlibs have increasingly become a keen marker of a rapper’s style and that K Camp scored so low on the adlib barometer, which unfortunately served as a good heads-up for the rest of his material.