slow jams raps

These new Yung Joc slow jam raps are way better than they have any right to be. Along with this Its A Nitti Beat track & Trai’D’s X-Pill, yr talking about a pretty strong series of soft 4theladies material in 09. Gotta say that conceptual gimmickry is a much better direction for Joc to go in, since hes about the least distinctive rapper; even “its going down” was a track that for all intents & purposes should have been forgettable it was so generic but was classic instead (ultimate ‘more than the sum of its parts’ joint). A genuine singles artist, he can never make his tracks work as a rapper (listen to Jody Breeze outshine him on “Thug Love”) but as an artist hes got … something. Apparently. theres no way a rapper of his caliber should still be around & no doubt hes had enough weak album tracks to warrant ignoring forever & ever … but here we are. 80s Sade saxophone on “Meet Me at the Bar” is fire, and I cant explain why but if dude makes an album of loverthug traxx im not gonna be that mad at it … maybe.

It all leaves me very cautious making proclamations about what career moves yung joc should or shouldnt be doing. But for now these tracks are tight & thats whats up.