Don’t need a drank I’m eatin Frosted Flakes

Trap Squad Cartel – “Pop Tags”

Trap Squad Cartel are from Dallas. They are called Trap Squad Cartel and they have a song called “Pop Tags” and another called either “Icey” or “So Icey”, which you can request at your local radio station. Their mixtape is called On My Grind Vol. 1. The whole thing should be the most generic rap exercise in the universe, yet “Pop Tags” is, uh… completely bewildering and the most exact opposite of tedious.

Basically, I think dudes infiltrated my brain cells since four of the five verses on here are from guys that sound like Lil Boosie, Fabo + AutoTune (yes), Gorilla Zoe + Autotune and Gorilla Zoe again. Then on top of it someone cooked up this fucked up beat of Mannie Fresh snare rolls, Trill Ent synth blasts and keyboard drip-drops and this dagger of a sample that sounds like a millisecond snip of the “Still Tippin” violins. The chorus — I POP/ THEM TAGS/ SO THEY JOCK/ MY SWAG — is straight rap-libs shit but it ends up scraping the anthemsphere last entered by “Pop Champagne”.

Then as if it couldn’t get any better, the Gorilla Zoe dude tries to one-up “Wipe Me Down”:

He fails of course, but only barely.