A quick note about the Gucci list

I know a lot of folks are wary about this kind of hyping in the post-Breihanic era. The “Pitbull is better than Nas” discussion really did damage to folks who want to discuss rap music w/out sticking to boring party line on ‘classic records’ & who like to express, you know, excitement about shit w/out making sure its ‘safe’ to do so. I’m not blaming Tom any more than im blaming the folks who would take to his comments boxes shit talking about hipsters instead of acknowledging that Nas’ output for the last few years has been spotty at best but more significantly, incredibly uninteresting to talk about. My point in bringing this shit up again is to say that I understand this sense of caution when bloggers start using big words to big up a rapper who hasnt really been cosigned by ‘the right people’ yet.

This comment was left on one of the posts:

ghengis blond said…

this comes across as an ugly rationalization of humble pretense. it sounds like you’re playing make believe and magicking up some genius in this guy’s style where you’re perfectly aware it doesn’t exist.

then again, i’ve never been much of a mind reader and i’m grateful for the list. hi ho, miller

I’m not sure whats ‘ugly’ about it. if our tone seems to be building up this guy as some kind of ‘fractured genius,’ the way shit happened to ODB, to Kool Keith, to Cam’ron, to Lil Wayne, it’s not intentional; its certainly less about my reaction to the music & more about the absence of any discussion taking his music seriously at all, which seems at odds w/ his level of creativity, his prolific nature & his status ‘in the real world.’

ive heard plenty of ppl say hes their favorite rapper out right now. he is mine. but i was addicted to his music before i ever had to come up with reasons to explain why i was addicted; this is an attempt to verbalize what was a somewhat subconscious acknowledgment of a legit creative force in rap music.

If folks are talking about my bit on his repetition+building style on ‘photo shoot,’ i think i can see why someone wd think im trying to excessively push dude when really what hes doing is as simple as any musical gimmick. But what doesnt seem particularly special when described on paper becomes a lot more enjoyable once youve become invested in his entire persona/aesthetic. The same could be said of his adlibs. saying ‘burr’ isnt ‘amazing genius!’-type shit on its own, but the argument im trying to make is that hes a multi-dimensional artist, & that these little things are why hes more than the sum of his parts. I dont mean that ‘camera flash, camera flash i see your ass’ is a reason to start paying attention by itself; its more like yet another reason to like him when yr already ‘there.’ Hopefully after the list is finished, more of u will be ‘there.’

The last thing i want to do is seem hyperbolic in describing his creative approach. but fact is, i believe he has authorial control over his rapping style & its not about him being ‘dumb.’ And again the last thing i want is dude to become yet another victim of the corny ‘fractured genius!’ label that got thrown like a iced out albatross on the necks of kool keith & lil wayne.

Id just like to be having any serious discussion at all.