Take it to the Streets Vol 2

Straight out of Oakcliff, these dudes rep hard. Can’t find much info on them, these boys arent really big on the whole myspace scene but here is Lil Richards link, tell him to post some more shit. Heres the tracklist and a couple tracks to check out.

1. Chuckin Up Da Cliff 4:15
2. Get Em Lil O 3:15
3. Take A Ride Thru The Cliff 3:18
4. Hustlers Grinders ft. Young Tay 4:55
5. Bumpin Hard To The Beat ft. S.M.C 4:49
6. Pass It Down ft. Fat Bastard 3:10
7. On The Grind ft. Young Tay 4:01
8. 5-0 My Click 3:35
9. Im Gettin Paid Now 2:01
10. Double Stacks 2:14
11. Drop Low ft. Frozone 3:46
12. Bitch Move 3:36
13. Cant Do What I Do 2:45
14. Head Busters 3:56
15. Find Me In The O-A-K-C-L-I-F-F 2:14
16. Heavy Weight ft. Young Tay 3:35
17. Front Back ft. Young Tay 2:19
18. So Fresh So Fly And So Clean ft. Frozone 4:33

Some Rap Songs

First up a couple of joints off that new Boss Hogg Outlawz album, Serve & Collect 2. Only a couple of tracks that I got to skip over. Ray J singing on a track is never a good look. The joint with Lil Keke is underwhelming, it just sounds like it never really came together for a complete sound. Other than that though there are some bangers. All of the BHO members are bringing it. A lot of dramatic beats and street lyrics.

Boss Hogg Outlawz – Serve & Collect
BHO posse cut, Slim playing conductor via the nextel chirp. The whole roster comes through to drop some lines. real simple but so dope. I would say this is my favorite joint on the record. Give me a Kyleon solo already man, dude is a beast.

Boss Hogg Outlawz – Wet Paint Drippin’ What
Yeah raps about paint, cars and flossin. You know what you’re getting into with this, just dope shit to ride too.

I really want to post up this track off the new Young Jeezy, the shit is easily my favorite joint off that record. It’s not a beat I would expect him to chose but man this shit sounds so fucking good. You can’t really go wrong with those horns either. I don’t really give a fuck about what people think about jeezy I like the dude. He knows how to make songs that make you feel like you can take over the fucking world.

Young Jeezy – Circulate
Young Jeezy – My President ft Nas
I was blasting this one out of my boombox at the park on Sunday because really anyone even thinking about McCain is in fucking denial of the future. Our president is black, you motherfuckers just need to catch up with the future. November is just a formality, Obama is gonna run this motherfucker.

We Gone Eat These Little Fools Like Ciabatta Bread

Man, one of the best things I saw at SXSW this year was Basswood Lane at the Compound. I didn’t catch them at the What It Dew Family show due to Federation destroying my mind and body but man that’s not the point. The thing that is probably the best about Basswood Lane are their hooks, shit is genius. From So Pretty In The ATX to You Can Get Your Bitch Ass Jumped to Do The Bryan (got to rep my hometown). These dudes are from Austin and down with Carnival Beats so if you ain’t knowin get up on it. The latest from them though is motherfucking Ciabatta Bread.

Basswood Lane – Ciabatta Bread

That song just made my fucking year. They were in between sets and Ice B says some shit like “man we on that ciabatta bread.” It’s at this point that I thought damn thats some hilarious local slang, I need to get up on that shit. THEN I heard the fucking song and that shit was brilliant, but man the shit doesn’t stop there. Then some dude in the fucking crowd started doing this ciabatta bread dance were he unravels an imaginary sandwich and proceeds to bite the fuck out of it. It’s almost on some snap dance type moves but way fucking better.

For the rest of SXSW I took every opportunity available to yell ciabatta bread at anyone willing to listen. For reals this shit is epic for me. To top shit off the homie Mike D brought me some goddamn ciabatta bread from the 4 Seasons. Fuck that Jack In The Box shit, I’m on that ciabatta bread for reals.

big shout to Mattsoreal for hooking up the mp3, homie came through in the clutch for me.

Boss Hogg Outlawz

Dropped on Koch which is cool and it looks like Kyleon is fucking with Slim again, he kind of backed off and started running with that Day 1 fam shit for a minute. Dudes got some of the best joints on here. Hell just hearing Killa on tracks is the main reason I wanted this album to come out. The album has some banging ass cuts on it which helps. I’ve been a fan of Recognize A Player since I heard it on Rapid Ric’s After Da Relays mixtape, had that shit in my work truck and it was the perfect way to start a day at work with those horns setting shit off but man when that bass comes in it makes a motherfucker happy to be alive. If you ain’t knowin you best to get up on this cause otherwise you’re just a bitch.

Badge On My Neck
Yeah it’s about shiny cars and bullshit but it’s Kyleon. Dude is so fucking brash with it he sounds angry even when he’s telling you how rich he is. I’m a big fan of his delivery, his voice just hits with a punch that way too many motherfuckers lack.

Straight Outta Texas ft Killa Kyleon, P.J. and J-Dawg
I’m feeling this beat, they need a remix with a Pimp C verse and shit would be fucking perfect. Killa and PJ got the strongest verses on here. J-Dawg is alright but could benefit from shutting the fuck up.

The one draw back of the album are them soft ass joints like Cheating. I can understand dudes getting their feelings hurt and want to speak on it but man if I wanted to hear a motherfucker singing I would have bought his album. I don’t want to hear this low budget bubble bath and candles bullshit. Scrape that nonsense and give me more raps.