mixtape: The New Shit For Summah Volume One @1994

Finally got around to ripping some Rob One tapes, I’ve got a big stack of these. The last time I posted one of these up was back in 05. I’ve been meaning to get them up forever and just now finally found time to do it. Sound is kind of low on this, the right is coming in stronger than the left but whatever ain’t no one else putting this stuff out there.
Side 1
Anotha Intro – Back By Popular Demand
That’s A Gimmick
My Mind Spray
Crowd Around For Rob One
Wisdom From Skate One CBS
2 Cups Of Blood
Pass It On (With A Touch Of Rob)
Oh My God UK Remix
It’s A Habit
Space Dust (Instrum)
Beastie Bits
Release Yourself
No Nonsense
Check The Vibe
Easy Star (Accapella)
The Chill Outro…

Side Two
Posse On Arsenio: Pete Rock On The SP12
Keep Shit On The Real
Forgot The Intro, Intro
Graffitti Talk 101
Worker Man (Construction Mix)
Causin’ A Menace
Keep It Goin’ Hev
Hemmin Heads
This Dee Jae Bee “Are-Ohh-Bee”
Just A Couple Of Classics
Why Ask Why
How My Man Went Down In The Game
Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress
Need More “Rob One” Tapes
This Is A Hold Up
Round 2

Turntable Expressions

Got a new TEAC dual tape deck in the mail this weekend so yesterday I started going through old tapes and shit and just recording joints. Decided to up this RipOne tape because Eons reminded me of how dope dude was with his posts over at Ripped Open by Metal Explosions. They’ve got the Rippin Shit Up tape over there so I didn’t bother ripping that one. I tried to up Stef’s copy of The Essence but the fucking tape is blank, I don’t know what the fuck is up with that shit. Anyways here’s Turntable Expressions.

Side 1
Side 2

Man I fucking love tapes, they are just a dope medium, small and with personality. Beat up, fucked up tapes still has character and almost added to the listening experience. Yeah they were a pain but you could treasure a dope tape. Mp3’s aint shit to me, I can’t treasure a fucking file. I can’t hold that shit in my hand and look at the artwork. It’s not collectible, it’s just a bunch of shitty bleeps on a hard drive. I got stories about tapes, mp3’s don’t have stories other than defunct websites and nerds I don’t remember sending me horrible quality mp3s.

The worst part about tapes was fucking loosing them. So many tapes that got lost in moves, melted in cars, crushed, eaten, stolen, or just staight up worn the fuck out. Fucking sucks man, I lost shoeboxes of stuff when I moved to the bay. Coming up the 5 the tapes got blown out in the wind and I had no idea until I noticed this 20 foot line of magnetic tape flying out of the back of my truck. Shit was fucked and I couldn’t sit there on the side of the freeway all day turning pencils inside reels so I just had to toss the tangled mess of memories in a fucking rest stop dumpster.

Anyways I’m currently trying to digitize all my tapes so I’ll be posting more shit soon. Next up is probably the 1200 Hobos Tapes, Skills, Techniques tape. Got some miami bass tapes and stuff I want to get up too.