Autotune = NOT HARD

I am no fan of Kanye or T-pain but really how the fuck are you going to put out a song called Go Hard and lace it with these autotune addicts. I can only assume that the reason is that Kahled is behind this and he is obviously one of the dumbest people alive. What the fuck is going on in this bullshit? Black and white video full of shirtless tattoos mean mugging and knuckling up while you are serenaded by plugins expressing their distaste for doubt and threating the non existent. This is such a waste, why not give this song to someone who knows how to do angry rap? T-pain can’t get angry. He only gets excited about strippers, two stepping, and buying drinks. While Kanye can only commit to two emotions crying or jealousy. Although now he sometimes gets angry at women. All the emotions that are primarily used by 12 year olds girls. Way to go bitchmades, you have the maturity of an issue of Tigerbeat.


I really wish I could have been there when someone said “Hey I know this shitty love song idea is great, but you know what would be awesome? Lets get Lil Jon on the cut!”

I made the mistake of turning on KMEL at work and this bullshit song was getting play. I got angry but then laughed as soon as I heard Lil Jon’s verse, that shit is retarded as fuck. Just wait until 3:09 with the bathtub line.