Well this video sucks dick

the guitar solo at the end really completes the circle of sucks. There is so much bullshit going on in this video I really have nothing to say. I’d heard the song before but this video is stupid as fuck. White dudes in sweaters and glasses, black dudes doing air guitar, and frat house…great stuff. It’s almost as shitty and predictable as an eminem video.


Justyn Case ft. Clyde Carson – Choosin Season

I don’t know shit about Justyn Case, I only checked this song because it featured Clyde Carson from the Team who were making dope ass music back in 04 before hyphy music got killed off. Anyways I click this link and get slapped in the face with rave synths that build into an epic climax of guitar strumming and mediocre raps about picking up some girl to close her eyes and sip on patron. Then after that crapfest of rap you get broken off with some auto tunes about owning a condo and biting mangos, oh yeah and a little throwing money in air with a raincoat. Clyde comes in and drops a hot throwaway verse about nothing laced with dumbshit like escaping for the weekend and love peaking. It’s really touching if you’re a ten year old girl dreaming of becoming a coupe’s wifey. The worst part for me though is the end, it ends with the sounds of the beach? Really? WTF, was this an idea they got from The Dating Game? Long walks on the beach fucking predictable bullshit that makes up the fantasy of a fucking prepubescent fuck who wants lose their virginity to candles and roses. Fuck that hallmark card bullshit, this song sucks.

If it’s a shitty idea, it’s in this song.

god I hate love songs

Shitty Music Of The Week

Holy fucking crap this week we got some fucking unbelievably bad music. Shit I wasn’t even sure what I was going to post until the internet blessed me with this piece of shit.

I mean really? Really? This is what you’re trying to do? I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea that someone would ever think this was a song worth recording? Never mind that You Spin Me Round is a complete shit song that needs to fucking die already, sorry shitbags but that’s the fucking truth. Let go of your mediocre 80’s bullshit already. But these shitty ideas of using horrible 80’s inspired hooks is so fucking stupid(please see Slim Thug’s I Ran for further proof). The marginal use of autotune and retarded syth stabs accompanied by that fucking crap ass casio keyboard just takes this worthless cheesedick song over the edge.

This song couldn’t even be saved if it was about getting your dick sucked and eating pussy. Instead you get laced with worthless verses with shitty lines stressing the last syllable in an attempt to string this piece of shit song together. Leaving you a worthless barrage of raps about strippers/models after bankrolls while he’s trying to be the king of the club flashing his gear in a sea of diarrhea.

Flo-Rida’s idea of what white people want to hear must be limited to things that would appeal the characters of The Breakfast club. The fucked up thing is that there are enough stupid people out there to support the idea that this money is worth chasing. This is why Asher Roth has a career, because Drama wants to get that Mickey Avalon money. Motherfuckers making rap music for people who don’t even like it in the first place.

But who gives a fuck what I think, I’m sure in Vegas there is some dude in an Affliction t-shirt cumming all over his fucking true religions because a sweaty mall pussy with a fake tan is rubbing her long butt all over his balls when the dishwasher of a dj drops this casino club banger.

A little bit of promise but so much failure

Ok man so this is the deal I’m going to start a new thing over at somanyshrimp it’s going to be a feature called Shitty Music Of The Week. We’re going to post something that sucks and talk shit about it. There are a few reasons to do this, 1: because it’s fucking funny and 2 because there is a lot of shitty fucking music getting put out there right now. This will not just be limited to songs but also mixes, remixes, dj’s whatever. if you make shit that sucks we’re gonna shit on it.

Gorilla Zoe – I Like Them Girls

Originally to kick this off I was gonna shit on this Jayceeoh mix I got but then I heard this fucking garbage and decided it was the shittiest thing I’d heard in a fucking minute. I use to have hopes for gorilla zoe, like when that Everybody Know Me dropped and his mixtapes. I thought this dude was gonna be on some shit, putting out bangers every month. He’s got a cool voice so it shouldn’t have been hard.

Then he dropped his first album and shit just went real bad fast. Doing bullshit songs for the ladies and half ass predictable club songs. I never expect dude to be the hardest but fuck man just say cool shit on a dope beat, how fucking hard is that shit you stupid fuck? I’d find myself giving Zoe chances after being like fuck this dumbass motherfucker and everytime I did I’d just be disappointed in his music. Dude just never measured up to what I wanted to hear from him.

Then yesterday I hear this fucking I Like Them Girls song. Are you fucking kidding me? This shit is the fucking voltron on all of Gorilla Zoe’s shittiest qualities. There is no growl in his voice, instead it’s been replaced with a bloody vagina soaked yeast infection that some people call autotune. Then he’s trying to string his raps along to that bullshit melody like he wants to sing but whatever is left of his testicles just won’t let him. I can see the bouncing ball hopping across his bear trap of a cunt.

Then the fucking beat, how fucking stupid do you have to be to fucking pick this garbage. Not all the blame should fall on him because Drumma Boy is at fault for making this fucking cumstained trance rap bullshit. The only place those fucking trance synths belong is so far up your goddamn ass that you vomit glowsticks all over candy raver exploding neon dicks. It’s a fucking bukkake of bullshit that will never end.

God that fucking chorus too, ok motherfucker we know you want to be Kate Perry and make the lesbian anthem of 09 but shut the fuck up with this bullshit. I like girls too but I dont waste my time making rave music, I fuck girls. It’s a better look shithead. The target audience for this garbage are fucking guidos who want fake tans to make out while their pump their fist to cocaine fuel trance. Fuck this shit, I’m fucking done with this piece of shit. Broke motherfucker is grasping at fucking straws trying to find an audience. Stick with ringtone raps for 12 year olds, that’s all you got left bitch. Fuck your rap career bitch, the game don’t want you.