high note video

One of the best tracks off the legend’s album is now in NSFW music video form (RIP BET Uncut). White Van Music, the album that dropped this year from “High Note” producer Jake One, was a solid album that I was feeling altho I never really got obsessed w/ it — but this track was strong enough to make me want to give a new listen to the entire thing. Take a played out conceit like “sex moans over sex song” and tie it to a played out concept like “sampling classic soul” and somehow u have a … classic track? I don’t know it reminds me of my most-listened to album right now which is Juvenile’s uptown nolia boy mixtape (more on this later). Many of the tracks are conceptually clever, not just generically ‘banging’ but actually unique in some regard. It’s easy to get caught up in alliances towards/against different cliches and stylistic choices in rap music i.e. ‘man do i hate that autotune!’ but for the most part that stuff all falls away because there are so many exceptions to the rule when someone takes a particularly nimble approach. This is a track that really differentiates itself by being great — transcending the stylistic cliches but not rejecting them.

That said, did not need shirtless Scarface winking @ the camera while ostensibly boning.

Buy this shit

if yr wondering if this new joint is even worth your time, you better get your head straight and COP THAT SHIT. More than two decades of rapping and he’s a legend who still sounds as important now as he ever has.

“High Powered” is such a great single, stratosphere-tearing synths & face talking shit on lil troy, papa reu on the hook, stuttering snares and Scarface’s old man swagger(mea culpa). Incredible single. Nothing really disappointing here at all, and what I want to say about Scarface requires more focus than I have at 7 AM. But I do want to highlight “High Note” which really shows a lot of breadth for a dude who’s known to push the envelope on his own shit so often its still remarkable when he makes something not only about the ladies but a HAPPY song about the ladies (relatively speaking), and a really gorgeous&interesting&kind of funny/quirky production job from Jake One. Oh yeah but the craziest beat has to be Scram Jones on the title track.

I dunno something about this album just turns me into a fanboy, less interested in completing thoughts and more interested in just saying ‘fuck it’ and letting the music take over — it sounds like a cop-out and if it were any other artist i’d say you’re right but fuck it, cop this album and we’ll talk some more maybe.

a classic for you on SCARFACE DAY

…um crap is that d’angelo’s mom from the wire??