Get Buck

Something appropriate and timely in this, his pre-Young Dro barrel-heavy delivery an embrace of rap rap rap over Polow, the only new producer anyone’s really looking for right now on the national stage (would you have ever thought things would be so weak we’d be looking to Yet here we are), the last bastion of real hard g-rap music with the potential to go plat in a barren environment of rappers who can’t sell without an Xmas gimmick, one of the few soldiers who made enough money to maybe weather this internet-killing-music storm, at least for awhile. Say goodbye to the bloated Vegas-era event albums of washed up NY rappers, the bloated Vegas-era mixtapes of washed up wannabeNY N’Orleans rappers, embrace the realness of dudes who struggle to go gold, the Gottis and Dros and Boosies and uhhh…Dogg Pound’s, too, I guess (although that leadoff Dogg Chit single is…Dogg shit.) Eh. While I liked the first Buck album a fair amount, there’s something about dudes whose personalities seem to have been formed in a riviting plant or a ford factory or coal mine, all rough rugged and raw, like he sounds unafraid to stab a dude at the source awards, that seems real appealing RIGHT NOW, after an era of Neptunes flashbulb glitz etc. Remember how boring G-Unit all looked on the cover of XXL in that group shot where they were all clad in leather jackets, washed up vets alongside overexposed rapping Al Gore’s like Lloyd Banks? Well, they’re mostly still boring (uhhh yay return of the mac, tho), but after a peek at the production credits – how weird is it that G-Unit, the supposed enemies of originality and creativity in gangsta rap seem like the only testing ground for new producers on their albums these days! its strange I tell you.

Anyway great song. Cop the album.