DJ Eleven’s Devin The Dude mix


Download:  DJ Eleven Presents:  Eleven & The Dude Mix (tracked ver. w/ artwork)

DJ Eleven (hit the link for the tracklist, as well):

Just before the first of the year, I sat down & started going through everything he’s ever been on to unearth all my personal favorites.  While doing that, in addition to wishing I smoked weed, I got to thinking on how similar Devin was to another Dude character.  Months later, the unholy combination of Devin Copeland + Jeffrey Lebowski + Joe Eleven emerged from the laboratory.   And with that…

(Get the mix as a single mp3 here)


the homie Matthew Africa just completed his new Best Of Dj Quik mix that you need to get up on. Shit I haven’t even heard this yet, it’s sitting on my laptop at home, but I’m cosigning the fuck out of this shit just off the strength. I’m posting from work because I just want people to check for this shit. If you’ve heard any of Matthew’s mixes you know he’s on point with his shit. You really can’t go wrong with the man. Get learned and download that shit.

Tactless Exploitation + An Introduction

Having been invited to post on So Many Shrimp, I’ve made the tactless decision to post my newest mixtape: Swallowing Dust & Razzi’s. We’ll get to that in a minute. First, allow me to introduce myself, as I will be posting with some frequency from now on. My name is Adam, I am a DJ/Producer and a philosophy professor in Portland, OR. I perform under the name Doctor Adam and have a penchant for intellectualizing the shit out of everything. So be prepared. This is supposed to be the smart rap blog though, right?

-Doc Adam