I’m At the Budget Inn

I don’t know a fucking thing about this dude Gridlock. All I know is that he’s from Miami Florida, one of the most worthless states ever. They don’t sell 40’s there, I will never go just because I have standards. My homie Mike showed me this video on youtube and I’ve watched it a shitload of times. It’s got like 32 views and probably half of those are Mike and I. Gridlock isn’t the best rapper but man the song bangs. Yeah it’s hella low budget, lyrics ain’t nothing new, but there is something to be said for how he holds on to that styrofoam cup so tight. That and escalades with six myspace address on them. I like that dude reps the budget inn. He’s a baller for the common man, fuck rick ross and all that fancy rapper fantasy island shit.

another joint that doesn’t try to live up to the job of playing pretend that is being a rapper is this Track by Mr Sche, Front Me Something, featuring BlueBoi and Pimpminista. My favorite part of the song is the “I’m hurting dog” adlib. Yeah the song is about selling drugs but it actually touches on some real shit, being broke and unemployed as fuck.