I’ve long been a big fan of some old school hard-headed ignorant rap music. I think more rap fans need to be honest about where theyre coming from on this count. The new CNN album was some really solid ignorant shit, & no it’s not War Report level, but it is a real solid echo of that LP. I even wrote about it kinda ignorantly — real talk, it’s not my best-written piece. “A lot of knocks”? Anyway I reviewed it for hiphop.com a few days ago.

I guess folks are kind of wary bcuz of the kind of condescending, racially suspect attitudes that make ppl have towards (supposedly) ‘dumb’ rappers, and there is a fine line here no doubt. I’m not feeling a lot of the ways folks talk about Gucci’s music, for example; I think tracks like “time to eat” have a lot of nuance & style. But some rap is like heavy drinking; both the listener & the artist embrace the stupid & accept that its a part of the experience of it, what makes it *work*. On some level, you just have to call some dumb thuggish shit what it is. And if Alfamega, Noreaga & other archetypal thuggish hardheads arent out there making stubborn roughneck raps then I dont want to be listening to rap. Really this is some ‘well duh’ shit I suppose but I think it bears repeating.

If u were feeling that LP too then make sure to peep It’s Him (The Black Hispanic)’s “Who You” with CNN. Video just leaked and the track is some real epic NY shit. “Let my dog doo doo on you.”