The Motel Crew
The roster consists of the following rap music enthusiasts:
Luke Sick
Doug Surreal
Mike 2600
DJ Quest
Just the fact that this crew was brought together by Doug Surreal blows my mind, the man is a living epileptic seizure. It even comes out in his music. He fucks with everything on this shit, from crazy echos that emote from some dust smoking cave that could only be birthed in depths of hell that is Reno to reverb that reaches out and knocks a fist full of tweaker into your fucking face to distorted beats straight from the gravel pit. Add the skills of Mike 2600 and DJ Quest and you’ve got a fucking hurricane of dope ass beats ready to stomp the shit out of any stupid little bitch with fruity loop dreams of bullshit.

Luke and Z bring their respective talents for fresh raps and dope styles that are all over the fucking place from just straight up shitting your favorite rappers garbage ass lyrics to flipping that style that lets them convince your girl to a gangbang of 40’s and rap dick.

The music and lyrics in their most straight forward settings would be dope as shit but all the effects just take their music to a whole new level. I honestly can not compare this to anything else because I have never heard anything like it. Yeah some people have messed with some small doses here and there but in a world flooded with garbage ass autotune cocksucking this shit just blows everything else away. I don’t know if the world is ready for this kind of originality but motherfuckers need to get learned and stop fucking with that recycled bullshit they’ve been feeding you.

I’ve seen some of these songs performed live and while the recordings are dope, the live shit will melt your motherfucking face, it’s so goddamn crazy. Live the effects almost become too much when they are rapping over their own echos and the beats are being reverbed into next week but the shit is so fucking sick. The recorded material is way more restrained but you definitely get a feel for the sound that they are fucking with. If you ever get the chance to hear Motel Crew live, fucking do it, it will blow your mind, trust.

Motel Crew Sampler

Teenage Scraper

Don’t Ask Permission

Here’s one I wasn’t suppose to leak but fuck it, shit I’m a sucker for distorted raps and car references, even if it’s on some domestic shit.
Gold Ropes And A Drop Biarritz

If you don’t like this stuff you need to reevaluate just why the fuck you listen to rap music.

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a minute since anyone has posted shit on here. I actually kind of miss throwing shit up on So Many Shrimp. I think I’m going to start posting stuff up again on the random. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been bumping lately that I want people to know about so I figure fuck it throw it on somanyshrimp. I doubt many people are going to see it since people pretty much think this shit is dead but fuck it. I don’t know if David or anyone else is going to throw shit up. I haven’t talked to anyone about it this blog making a comeback or anything. I’m just gonna do my thing and see what happens.

Anyways moving on to some music. The first thing I’m throwing up is the new mixtape that the Lazer Sword homies just dropped, Blap To The Future.

If you ain’t up on Lazer Sword you need to get up on some future shit. LL and Lando Kal are on some next shit. The sound doesn’t really have a name, Sasha Frere Jones called it lazer bass and a few shitty journalists tried to run with that. I don’t like the name though but then I call this shit laptop stutter/turbo crunk. Whatever fuck a name, shit don’t need a fucking box. Just know that this shit sounds like Mr Fusion and Short Circuit shoving metallic cocks into Rosie The Robot Maid while Max Headroom explodes into the pixelated jizz that is the future of neon atari sex. Yeah that’s what this shit sounds like. Naw but really these dudes are taking you on a megamix of blips, blaps, stutters and raps that collide into craze collage of dopeness. You hear that crunk shit, that hyphy shit, that glitch shit, that bass shit, just a ton of influences coming at you fullspeed without any regard for bullshit constraints. That’s why these dudes are bring you the future. You need to get up on this stuff. Out of all the dudes doing this kind of style Lazer Sword are some of my favorites. They fuck with that rap shit harder and better than most of the kids attempting this style. Peep game cause I fucking said so. The future is coming, get ready or get put on your ass.

Roctober is MC Oroville’s (Oroville blog) month. This pasty lump of country moonshine and crusty gas station nacho cheese covered facial hair is finally releasing his new album, Do Something. It features the international hit song My Van which stars some of Gurp City’s finest, Luke Sick, Topr, Conceit, GameTightElectro, and Z-man with the shouts at the end. My yelling even makes a small appearance at the end. I know that the world has anxiously been anticipating the release of this magnificent record but you must realize that while the record promotes a proactive approach at life we are dealing with drunks so the ability to actually do something is significantly hampered, in this case by a year. But who cares, at least he did something and you can do something by buying it. This magnum opus will impact the world of music in a way that none have ever seen before. Do Something takes as its subject a theme close to the composer’s heart: the defeat of tyranny through man’s innate desire for merles and rap. The work will be held in high critical esteem; despite its sometimes shaky plot, the music is unassailably great and blazes with Oroville’s steadfast commitment to liberty and humanity. This album makes explicit the strand of idealism that seems to simmer beneath the surfaces of many of his other works, and if it does not have the universal appeal of some of his better-known meth classics, it nevertheless seems very close to Oroville’s own heart.

MC Oroville – My Van Ft The Gurp City Allstars

New Turf Talk

Bring The Bass Back

Man the album is suppose to drop next week and since the retail finally leaked I think dudes ain’t bullshitting about it. Thank fucking god, rap music needs this record right now. Fuck more t-pain remixes and boring ass rappers who all sound like sucks. It’s good to hear some shit that actually has a unique style.

Rick Rock has some fucking bangers on this shit, my favorite being Bring The Bass Back, shit just goes hard as hell. Droop-E produced some dope tracks too, like Broke Niggas and Minnie Minnie which features Freeway who sounds fucking dope as hell on this shit. Dude really should fuck with more bay cats cause his style works well with that aggressive hyphy shit. I can’t decide if I like this more than Street Novelist yet but I know this completely shits on the 40 record. No retarded shit like making only half the record dope and the other have weak softhands bullshit. I’ve only gotten through the record once but I’m feeling the fuck out of this.