Travis $cott – Guidance


My feelings on Travis $cott have been very up and down. I am legit aggravated by the way he basically bit a bunch of people who were hot when he was coming up, and slapped the pieces together in a very obvious way.

With that said, the guy has made some wild shit.

He’s also kind of known for getting two-stepped on by his features, but those songs are usually pretty good. So maybe he just knows who to stand next to, and doesn’t mind getting cooked on his own shit? Is that a skill?? I don’t even know, don’t make me think about this.

Anyway, I like his new album “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight”, and I am not ashamed. As a 28 year old millennial who dresses like TJ Detweiler, I dig some of the songs on a deeper level. Going to create a “get your old ass out of this party, Robert” playlist and this album will certainly be present.

“Guidance” is that song. IT’S THAT SONG. It makes me wanna slap a dent into a furnace in a sweaty ass basement party, causing someone’s Trini grandma to run down the steps with the big wooden spoon, because she’s tired of my shit. There are really a ton of songs that are basically “Controlla: Remixed” (or Controllawave, word to my man David Drake), and I like most of them. This might have inched into my top 5, or even top 3.

Guidance is frenetic. Pure energy. I’m hype every time I hit play, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. The song is very clearly about dancing with a girl at a party, or catching a “dub” as we New Yorkers say (or a twerk as Virginians say, or maybe even a juke as they say in Chicago). This brings back great memories and feelings, as younger Robby was a wild thundercat. I hear this song and I immediately see some girl with a huge butt, making me splash my cup of Henny onto my very much unbuttoned RnB thug shirt via her ass placement game. I love it.

With that said, I found out RIGHT before deciding to write this, that it’s a remix, that might be on par with the Travis version (or even better, due to more K Forest and because the dude on the end probably snapped). I’m just going to close my eyes and pretend I don’t know.

Post Malone – Monte (ft. Lil Yachty)


Dallas’ own Post Malone has had an….interesting last two years. White Iverson was huge, an ethereal song peppered with NBA references with a beat that kind of lulls you in. After that, there were other songs (Too Young being the best, IMO) but still no mixtape or album to speak of. Out of nowhere, Post finally put out a project, the mysteriously titled¬†August 26th.¬†Monte is a song loosely based around the exploits of (former) Dallas Mavericks shooting guard, Monta Ellis! No idea why he misspelled his name, but thats besides the point. Post spends this song bragging over a beat that sounds like a pitched down choo-choo train with a bassline…and its damn good, somehow. Yes, he went back to the well twice on “songs named after NBA players”, but he went 2 for 2, so who cares. Lil Yachty manages to sneak on this and sounds rather comfortable, even managing to make me laugh at “I got more hoes than Elvis”. I enjoyed the song, and one day I may even get to the bottom of the “Why is Yachty so much better on features than his own work” mystery.