this is jah, about five or six years ago

Father Jah – The Real feat. Shon D

There’s an off-chance that you know Jah from commandeering B. Gozza’s no-show 2000 Scribble Jam battle slot and making it to, I think, the finals. Otherwise, he’s been doing it for a while here in Louisville, at least a decade, pounding the pavement, selling blue cassette tapes downtown long before it was ‘revitalized’ for the yuppies and tourists. His crew, Unstopable Recordings (formerly Ya Boy Nem/Dem Nigguhz) plays out pretty regularly and has put out about a hundred tapes, CDs, and DVDs over the years. This is off his upcoming album, Philosophies of a Modern Day Mastermind. I’ve heard better from Jah and Unstopable but the last line — about how we’ll just have the Derby on Algonquin this year while the city government tries to ban Broadway “cruising” — completely redeems any other shortcomings.


Deep Thoughts from Bad Rappers

I don’t know if it’s really any one particular organization’s fault or person’s fault. I think that good independent record labels do as much as they can to expose the artists with the budget they might have. Artists like myself refuse to compromise the sound and that leads to the majority of people not being as into it because they want something that’s easily acceptable or stuff they play in the clubs and we’re more into intellectually stimulating stuff. – Esoteric

Still, from ’97-’98, the guy did make a few songs (“Headswell” “Be Alert” “Protocol”) that were okay, if not necessarily “intellectually stimulating.”

7L & Esoteric – Protocol

“he sounds like Jay-Z after a stroke”

The Blackwatch Movement


In remembrance of the recently deceased Professor X the Overseer, I decided to up some unheralded X-Clan/Blackwatch Movement stuff. No, not anything from PX’s solo albums, because those were fucking terrible. But from Isis’s solo album, Rebel Soul and from Xodus. I’ve always been of the opinion that Xodus is a tauter, more conceptually developed album than To The East, Blackwards. More people would agree if the crew didn’t jack-for-beats throughout the entire album. Nowadays, mixtapes can win album of the year but back in ’92, you couldn’t really release an entire album with other people’s beats (e.g. “Holy Rum Swig” uses the “Still #1” beat then switches to “Big Ole Butt” and back).

Yesterday, I wrote on Emil’s blog that:

too often what passes as intelligent in hip hop is fundamentalist Abrahamic bullshit or it’s shameless, hoary Marxism, conspiracy theories, and atavistic black Nationalism or it’s some crazy space shit that don’t make no sense.

Please believe, X-Clan was militantly of all that. Not to mention homophobic and millenarian*, two common qualities of so-called intelligence in hip hop that I forgot. However, even at their most dour point (i.e. Professor X), they retained a sense of humor. Most importantly, aside from the fucking hip house that ruins much of Rebel Soul and the Professor X solo albums, the music was fucking top-notch shit all the way through.

X-Clan – Rhythem Of God
Not sure why they misspelled “rhythm.” Fucking ibid.
I only included this song because it has, by far, the best actual verse ever laid down by Professor X. Oh and the ever-timeless Brother J: “I don’t like Duke and I don’t like Bush.” Take that, dimple-chins.

Isis – Rebel Soul w/ Professor X
Isis – Great Pimptress w/ Queen Mother Rage and Professor X
Like I said above, much of Rebel Soul is a testament to the scourge that was hip house in the early nineties. A lot of wigs got split, a lot of innocent artists got hit. One track from the album, “Face the Bass,” is notable for being the only time Professor X, a spaced-out black nationalist mystic leather fetishist Cadillac-afficionado hypeman, ever looked foolish on record (“I am impregnated with bass”). About these songs: they don’t sound like Ya Kid K so they win.

* Can someone explain this to me: They made a few ominous references to 1995 as, perhaps, the date of some kind of racial armageddon (“1995 is coming, 1995 so get runnin'”). What was supposed to happen then? Did it actually occur? I’m guessing not.

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Philly Freestyle Videos

While it may appear that Philadelphia has absolutely no underground hip-hop scene to your random backpacker observer, this observation couldn’t be further from the truth. The “underground hip-hop” that is alive and well in Philadelphia isn’t one that congregates at random showcases and open-mikes in trendy areas of town, and you won’t see these dudes frequenting the Sage Francis and Aesop Rock concerts that pop-up every couple months. The Philadelphia underground rap scene is being dominated and documented by Freestyle DVDs that capture some of these up-coming folks on their blocks, or outside their studios, or randomly, coming out of Boston Market. Some folks have been kind enough to upload a bunch of this stuff to You Tube which is the best shit ever. Peep.

West Philly’s finest. Dude is ridiculous.

By the way, if anybody can get me in touch with this dude, holler at me

* “I see birds like I’m downtown tossin out bread

* “You can look me in the face and tell that I’m hungry
(about half way in… stick around for Oschino, too.)

Peedi Crakk
NP’s Puerto-Rican Allen Iverson.

* “Pussy, money and thugs what I’m talkin’ about
(Old shit from like ’99)

* “From North Philly and you from Bumblefuck
(Old shit from ’99 with Freeway… Freeway kills it)

“Yeeeeaaaah Cannoooonsss…”

* “Pussy, you don’t know me

Meek Millz
North Philly young bol.

* “Ni**a, are you kiddin? I got rhythm like a rockin’ chair

*”Lugers, lugers and uzis to move your body left and right


"Electro Cute" by emynd & Bo Bliz

Well, Dave accidentally convinced me to post this on here by claiming elsewhere that “trendy dance musics penetrate.” Frankly, don’t know if I would exactly call this mixtape “trendy dance music,” but it is chock-full of electro/freestyle/bmore/dancehall/and-other-130bpm-goodness that will be sure to set your party off.

“Electro Cute” is the cleverly titled creation by two of Philly’s finest party DJs–emynd and Bo Bliz. The mixtape is a carefully crafted 70 minutes full of electro classics and rarities, focusing on Pretty Tony Butler and Baltimore Club Music. It’s got a trunkload of original blends that will melt your face and isn’t like anything you’ve ever heard before.


But, don’t take my word for it.

Peep the first twenty minutes for yourself and then go peep the snippets at the website and COP THAT ISH for a measly $7 (if you’re in the continental US)… or just click below:

It’s all fun and games… until it ain’t no game anymore.


C. Delores Tucker’s Epitaph

C. Delores Tucker: She downed “Copkiller” but was down with Catkillers

“Delores Tucker, youse a motherfucker Instead of tryin to help a nigga you destroy a brother.” – 2Pac, right there destroying Tucker’s sex life

“I met up with this girl named Delores, a prankster I said I MC, she said ‘you’re a gangster” – A Channel Live guy

“Tell that C. Delores Tucker sl*t to suck a dick” – Eminem

“But free speech pollination kept bee’s colonizing in hives
And stung Delores Tucker right in her pride” – A Cunninlynguists guy

“Delores Tucker gave me head up in the fed prison” – Tragedy

“I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers: Senator Bob Dole and C. Delores Tucker” – Ras Kass

“Fuck Delores Tucker, fuck Oprah Winfrey” – Mr. Serv-On

“So, tell that bitch Delores Tucker to suck a niggaz dick” – W.C.

KRS-One feat. Channel Live – Free Mumia