Have You Seen Me?

(Could someone hook me up with digital versions *hi-quality if possible* of the following songs? Yousendit or some shit to our gmail (or just leave a link in the comments) if you can help. I’ve been looking for these songs for months. Obviously, I’ve owned them both in my day. The first was stolen from my mom’s house when I was a teen. The second was a casualty of a spray-painting-over-my-walls-and-my-CDs rampage by an angry ex. Yep, she’s crazy.)

No I.D. – “Two Steps Behind” from Accept Your Own and Be Yourself – This track, as I recall, was the crown gem from what might have been the second tightest album to come out of the pre-Kanye Chi. Like the rest of the disk, Dug Infinite guest-rapped along with Uncredited Female. They ride a baseline, sample KRS on the hook — i.e. by-the-numbers mid-nineties counter-hegemonic hip hop shit. Why didn’t people hear this album? Easy. No I.D. and Dug are both in the running for most-charismaless-producer-on-the-mic (Winner: Ant Banks). Still, I need this in MP3-form until I can afford to splurge for a new AYOABYS disk (i.e. maybe never). I want this song to play at my wedding.

Gordski – “Get To Steppin'” from DJ Moves’ Hiss 2: Hissteria – I asked Susana to throw a net across Canada for this track for me. Nothing turned up and now I’m officially shook. Gordski is another producer-on-the-mic but (most known work: The Goods’ Dream Sequence) while No I.D. may be Chicago’s Diamond D, Gordski’s kinda like Halifax’s Mannie Fresh. That is to say that his beats and his rhymes are at once more whimsical and more immoderate than most. Case in point, on this track Gordski’s unabashedly enthusiastic about the rhyme and its history sans the joyless austerity of, say, The Game (or, conversely, the self-conscious and quasi-fascistic good-timeyness of Ugly Duckling or J5): sorta like if Sage Francis were drunk on the Non-Prophets recordings. An example: “Do ya ever think about when you’re outta beer?” Another — my favorite — after he’d spit a few bars in français: “F-R-E-N-C-H, French-French, yo that’s French.” Obviously not everyone’s cup of tea.

But I want it. Again. Do you have this stuff? Please help me out.

My sister on Killa Season

On Cam’ron:

This just makes me think that Cam’ron is an ignorant man… This was obviously the work of a very stupid person.

On the guy that plays the cop:

You gotta see this guy — he has a Duke.

On Hell Rell:

He’s incredibly ugly. Who is this guy? Is he a rapper?
He looks like he’s had a very hard life.
He looks like a 45 year-old trying to pretend that he’s 20.

In Summary:

Sometimes when I see shit like this, I think, ‘You go, Oprah. I wouldn’t want them on my show either.’
It’s actually worse than I’m Bout It… it’s not as realistic.

When asked “Well what did you expect?”

I didn’t expect it to be great or even good. But I didn’t expect this.


this is jah, about five or six years ago

Father Jah – The Real feat. Shon D

There’s an off-chance that you know Jah from commandeering B. Gozza’s no-show 2000 Scribble Jam battle slot and making it to, I think, the finals. Otherwise, he’s been doing it for a while here in Louisville, at least a decade, pounding the pavement, selling blue cassette tapes downtown long before it was ‘revitalized’ for the yuppies and tourists. His crew, Unstopable Recordings (formerly Ya Boy Nem/Dem Nigguhz) plays out pretty regularly and has put out about a hundred tapes, CDs, and DVDs over the years. This is off his upcoming album, Philosophies of a Modern Day Mastermind. I’ve heard better from Jah and Unstopable but the last line — about how we’ll just have the Derby on Algonquin this year while the city government tries to ban Broadway “cruising” — completely redeems any other shortcomings.


Deep Thoughts from Bad Rappers

I don’t know if it’s really any one particular organization’s fault or person’s fault. I think that good independent record labels do as much as they can to expose the artists with the budget they might have. Artists like myself refuse to compromise the sound and that leads to the majority of people not being as into it because they want something that’s easily acceptable or stuff they play in the clubs and we’re more into intellectually stimulating stuff. – Esoteric

Still, from ’97-’98, the guy did make a few songs (“Headswell” “Be Alert” “Protocol”) that were okay, if not necessarily “intellectually stimulating.”

7L & Esoteric – Protocol

“he sounds like Jay-Z after a stroke”