So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 15 – Gemini Jones


So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 15 features the hardest working DJ in Chicago, the one & only DJ Gemini Jones. Gemini Jones is a widely respected DJ who Charne first discovered six years back, when she was spinning at the legendary Shrine nightclub. She’s known not just for being an adept pro DJ, but also for her eclectic sets which mix music new & old, and keeps things Chicago by incorporating juke music alongside hip-hop, house, dancehall, and R&B.

Part 2 features an interview with Gemini and a DJ mix.

Part 1 is a more-adventurous-than-usual mix by David Drake and Charne Graham.

Part 1 – David & Charne’s Mix


Part 2 – Gemini Jones’ Interview and Mix
[Download here; stream here. Soundcloud removed it because the industry is lame]

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