So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 13 – Chanté


Episode 13 features an interview and exclusive DJ mix with Chanté, Chicago DJ, actor, mother, and the founder and executive director of Cliché Collective, a by- and for-women organization which aims to “support and acknowledge women” within a male-dominated industry. She’s also hosted an ongoing series with female DJs and artists, Pussy Control.

[FYI: Since this was recorded, Chanté reached out & told us she no longer plays R. Kelly, and wanted to apologize “for not being more cognizant and sensitive to his ongoing allegations and his overall predatory actions toward women” in her conversation on the show.]

This episode was recorded the afternoon of 6/25/2017 at David’s place, with Chanté’s children in tow.

Part 1 is a meditative mix by David Drake and Charne Graham, and a celebration of the life of Prodigy of Mobb Deep, who’d passed on earlier that month.

Part 1: David Drake and Charne Graham’s mix

Part 2: Chanté Linwood

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