So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 12 – DJ Amaris


Put simply, Chicago’s rap scene as we know it now would not exist if it wasn’t for DJ Amaris. David first met a 22-year-old Amaris Hewett in January 2012 at the home of Chief Keef; he later interviewed him for this piece in Spin Magazine. Amaris was the first DJ to spin Keef, as well as several other now-prominent Chicago rappers, in clubs all across the South Side, high school and college parties, proms, sweet 16s, and concerts, helping break the rapper before anyone outside the city even knew his name.

Today, Amaris is Chief Keef’s official DJ, and still spins throughout Chicago. He’s also the founder of the Golden Knights Drill Team, a non-profit that takes on kids from throughout Chicago, and who’ve won first prize in the Bud Billiken parade several times in recent years.

David and Charne spoke with Amaris about his work with Keef, and the Golden Knights, and Amaris offered a DJ mix split in two parts–half of Chief Keef classics and exclusives, and another focusing on the kinds of music he spins throughout Chicagoland. He also told us about his experience DJing Kenwood’s prom at the Shed Aquarium.

This was recorded June 4, 2017, at David’s place. It was very hot, so excuse the fan noise in the background. Part one is a mix from David and Charne.

Part 1: David and Charne’s mix

Part 2: DJ Amaris Interview & Mix

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