So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 11 – SqueakPIVOT


So Many Shrimp Radio welcomes the prodigally talented DJ and producer SqueakPIVOT, who preferred to let the music do this talking. This was one of my personal favorite episodes.

A member of Chicago’s “West Side Boy Band” Pivot Gang, Squeak’s crafted beats for Saba, MFN Melo, and John Walt (Rest in Peace). He truly shines as a DJ, comfortably shifting between hip-hop and R&B, past and present, in a way that feels contemporary. There’s a sense of unpredictability in his selections, as he finds common sonic ground in seemingly divergent sounds: Erykah Badu and Lucki Ecks blend together as if it were always meant to be that way.

Recorded live at David Drake’s, Sunday, May 21.

Part 1: David Drake and Charne Graham’s Mix


Part 2: SqueakPIVOT’s mix

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