So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 9 – Brent Rambo


Vine auteur (UKNOHOWIMROCKIN), meme artist, troll, producer, and aux cord DJ for the ninth episode of So Many Shrimp Radio, Brent Rambo is known for his work with Chicago rappers like and Famous Dex, and for being himself.

Charne was out of town for this episode, taped April 2, 2017, so David & BrentRambo discussed his background and mainly listened to music as Brent took us on a musical adventure with tracks off the smartphone, careening through an unpredictable selection that reflects his off-the-wall sensibilities.

You can find Brent Rambo on SoundCloud or Twitter.

Part 1: David’s mix

Part 2: Brent Rambo interview & mix


3 responses to “So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 9 – Brent Rambo

  1. Great episode, really glad these are back. Any chance you could put up a tracklist for these when you get a chance? A lot of stuff I’ve never heard before esp some of the instrumental stuff in Rambo’s set.

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