So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 8 – DJ Victoriouz

DJ Victoriouz

Season 2 of So Many Shrimp Radio begins with episode eight. We’ll be dropping subsequent episodes every Monday until Season 2 is complete!

The first part is a mix from David and Charne. The second stream is an interview and live DJ mix from the legendary DJ Victoriouz. DJ Victoriouz is a Chicago-based mixtape DJ known for hosting tapes like 2012’s Back From the Dead for Chief Keef, I’m Still a Hitta by Lil Durk, and scores of other street classics reflecting the aesthetic perspectives of the Chicago area, a city which shows a Southern orientation but retains its own particular cross-regional identity.

This is the sound of souls working under the orange glow of sodium lights, the music of strip clubs far from the city’s architectural feats downtown. This is music that reflects a world well past the 95th Street termination of the CTA Red Line, an American cross-roads of musical influences which sounds as contemporary and urgent as any in the United States. Victoriouz offered one of the best DJ sets in this show’s short history, a selection of records (at the time, many unreleased) mainly unknown to his audience.

Around 25 people piled into David’s living room for this episode, and Victoriouz was an unusually careful listener, gauging the room’s reaction with every selection and adjusting in the moment. If you’ve wondered what, exactly, a DJ host *does* co-signing a mixtape of another person’s original material, it’s clear how Victoriouz earned his reputation when you see him in a live setting. With a sensitive ear for music, DJ Victoriouz offered one of the best sets we’ve heard to date.

Part 1: David and Charne’s mix

Part 2: DJ Victoriouz interview & mix

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