Es Todo

Swagg Dinero is the brother of Jojo, an aspiring rapper who was killed in 2012 in the midst of a high profile YouTube beef with what was GBE. Dinero was recently released after spending over a year behind bars on federal gun charges, but his return is marked by a seeming seriousness and musical maturation that suggests he could make an impact given time and focus, provided he can stay out of trouble.

His “First Day Out” record and his collab with Vonmar are both worth hearing as well. “Es Todo” is the most obviously creative, as it’s rapped half in Spanish. Its low-key musicality is a refreshing contrast with the more brash drill style of an earlier era, suggesting thoughtfulness and control rather than aiming for force and shock. It’s still harrowing, but shows an interest in narrative detail rather than blunt force, as on the behind-the-walls details of Gucci remix “First Day Out”: “Wake up and brush my teeth, wait they fightin’ already/ it ain’t even eight AM and the environment’s deadly/ Ain’t no bangers up in here so grab a knife or a rock/ is you with it or you ain’t, just keep a lock in your sock.”

See also: P. Rico’s “Back Down”.


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