So Many Shrimp Radio Ep. 1 – DJ Nehpets


So Many Shrimp Radio is hosted by myself (David Drake) & Charne Graham. It’s recorded live from my living room in Logan Square/Chicago by my roommate Nick. We’re recording episodes the first two Sundays of every month, and episodes will drop shortly after.

It’s less a podcast, although we’ll do brief interviews with the guests, and more a showcase for DJs, producers, and anyone else with a cultural presence and interesting taste to put folks on to music new and old. To me, it’s a tribute to DJing as an art of selection, because more than “classic albums” or MTV (I never had cable growing up), it was DJs who introduced me to music. And though everyone is not a good DJ, anyone can be.

Our first episode we were lucky enough to get my favorite mix show DJ in Chicago on air: Dj Nehpets of Power 92. If you grew up in Chicago listening to Power 92, you’ve heard him spin, because he mixes for hours per day, six days per week—seven if you count his work with DJ Pharris after midnight Sunday mornings. He is one of the most thorough tastemakers and party DJs in the city.

He’s also been very supportive of local artists, and has put lots of new and aspiring stars in rotation; he was the person to break Dreezy, playing her on Power after hearing “Break a Band” a few years back, before she’d signed to Interscope. (Check out Tiffany Walden‘s great piece on Nehpets in the Reader from earlier this year for more on that story.) He’s a superstar in both the juke and hip-hop worlds, and also just a genuinely good guy.

Part 1 (DJ Nehpets)
Part 2 (Charne & David)

Sunday was the first snow of the season, but we had a full house for the first episode. The first segment is our interview with Nehpets and his roughly 60 minute mix; the second segment is a mix I did live with contributions from Charne. Hope you guys dig it.

Also special thanks to Tamika from the Swim Team for their help.

12/11/16 edit: David & Charne’s tracklist:

1. Guordan Banks “Keep You In Mind”
2. Shawty Fresh feat. Gucci Mane, Bankroll Fresh, and Boochie “Dopeman”
3. Jim Jones & Max B “We Be On Our Shit”
4. Whodini “I’m A Ho”
5. French Montana “2 Times”
6. Lenny Kravitz “I Belong to You”
7. Johnny P (RIP) feat. Low Ride “The Next”
8. Yuna “Best Love”
9. Davido “All Of You”
10. Sisters Love “Give Me Your Love”
11. Yung Fresh (Bankroll Fresh) (RIP) “Funky”
12. Yung Humma feat. Flynt Flossy “Lemme Smang It”
13. Famous Dex “Chill Mode”
14. Tobi Lou “Hopefully”
15. Young Thug “Pull Up On a Kid”
16. Michael Christmas “Get Up”
17. Father “Heartthrob”
18. Speaker Knockerz “Money”
19. Honcho Da Savage “All I Know”
20. Yvng Swag “Fall In Luv”
21. Chief Keef “Check it Out”
22. Tink “Wet Aquafina”
23. Dora & Dolly “Party With my Woes”

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