Second Best Duo Since Outkast

Written by Dwight C @KeepDwightGirl

Understandably lost in all the Rich Gang mixtape hype, “I Need War” off the new Hustle Gang tape is the second collab from Clifford and Jeffrey. TI’s flow has always been there but something had been missing lately – consistently fire beats. Don’t know what channel producer Lil C was watching late one night that still plays Old El Paso commercials and inspired this beat, but salute that program director for being the spark that lit that match. Likewise, Thug must’ve been ordering wings and paid for it with a new hundred, cause his blue cheese line on the hook is probably the greatest thing I’ve heard him say. And I understand what he says almost all the time, unlike the narcs who complain they can’t. After hearing these last few cuts hopefully the tide is turning. The tide of the war. The war of TI vs himself. But not TI vs TIP, cause that was cool. War on, TI.

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