Key! and FKi’s Unlimited Potential

Written by Dwight C @KeepDwightGirl

If you keep up with Atlanta’s rap scene (you should) then you’re probably no stranger to Key!, or at least seen the name on blogs you frequent. (If not, follow better blogs.) FKi, production duo responsible for a slew of recent Atlanta jams, “Make It Rain” “Bring It Back”, “FDB”, and “Get TF Out My Face”, and not to mention Jeremih’s “All The Time”, have been rapping for a while now. Well guess what. They released a joint EP a week or so ago titled FKEYi and it’s worth a spin. The stand out offering off of the collab, which also seems to be gaining the most traction according to advanced analytics (my Twitter timeline and subsequent Twitter searches of the lyrics) is Limit. Limit features Key!, First (of FKi) and Ferrow reverberating over a smooth beat laced by FKi and Slade. Key!’s on the verses, First is on the bridge, and all three combine for the hook. Who doesn’t love soft-voiced girl hooks on mellow Atlanta beats? One time, that’s who. Fuck one time, boot this one up a few.

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