Passion of the Weiss & So Many Shrimp Present: Krazy (A YG Primer Mix)

Post by Maxwell Caveseno & Son Raw (@SonRaw


It’s been roughly 6-7 years since YG burst on the rap scene. He’s survived two trends/sub-genres coming and going, been incarcerated, and lived a life that the average rap fan fantasizes about. Throughout those years, he’s remained an underground phenomenon, beloved in Los Angeles but only known for one novelty single outside the city of Angels. Today, Passion of the Weiss and So Many Shrimp are here to change that with Krazy: A YG Primer -mixed and selected by Son Raw and compiled and inspired by Maxwell Cavaseno.

With YG’s debut album FINALLY  unleashed on the public, we figured it would be beneficial for everyone to take a look back at the rise of this West Coast star. From his early jerk-era oddities, to the loose ends of his mixtape campaign, to the recent hits that have helped finally convince Def Jam that their initial investment on the “Toot It And Boot It” kid was actually a smart one. There’s DJ Mustard, there’s gang bangin’ on wax. In short, there’s everything that makes West Coast Gangsta rap worth listening to in 2014.

Download: Link


Track Listing:

Travis Porter (feat. YG) – Yo Bitch

YG (feat. Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj & Rich Homie Quan) – My Nigga (Remix)

YG (feat. Ty$) – Pop Painkillaz

YG – Bad Bitch

YG (feat. Meek Mill) – I’mma Thug

YG – Fucked Up

YG (feat. Tory Lanez) – On The Set

YG – Do It With My Tongue

YG – Bompton

YG – Left, Right

YG (feat. TeeCee 4800) – Keenan Jackson

YG (feat. Drakk) – Who Do You Love

YG – I’m A Real One

DJ Mustard (feat. Joe Moses & YG) – Burn Rubber

YG (feat. Dom Kennedy & Joe Moses) – This Yick

Iamsu! (feat. YG) – Igloo

YG – Just Broke Up

E-40 (feat. Problem, YG & Iamsu!) – Function

YG (feat. Ty$) – I’ll Do Ya

Young Jeezy & YG – U.O.E.N.O. (Remix)

YG  (feat. Riko & Reem Riches)- Westside 4 Fingaz

YG – All Fly Shit

YG (feat. Charley Hood & Ray J) – No Sleep

YG – This Year

YG – Riding Like Me

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