Disney Meets Ratchet

Written by David Turner (@dalatudalatu)

I’d first like to thank Max for pointing out to this song over a month ago and knowing it’d be something I’d absolutely love. Zendaya is a Disney child star from TV shows I’ve neither heard of/seen, but in the last few months she got a minor pop hit with “Replay.” A kind of out there single with a video that starts like Cassie’s “U and Me,” and musically becomes a loopy off-kilter Dubstep song, which sounds like a Purple-Era Joker track.

“Replay” was the opener for her self-titled debut album and the album’s closer “My Baby” comes from an entirely different sonic planet. Produced by NicNac, the guy behind Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” Sean Kingston’s “Beat It,” and most of Bobby Brackins’ mixtape, Maxwell Park, from last year. NicNac and DJ Mustard share some stylistic traits with both finding success very California party tracks—see here for Mustard’s wild party side. The main differentiation between the two is that were Mustard stresses minimalism, NicNac allows the disparate sonic elements to remain within the track instead of trying to pair them down. The original “My Baby” is great and hopefully has/will find its way on to radio once temperatures heat up, but Max specifically pointed out the track’s remix. This remix line-up is a personal Ratchet dream team of Ty$, Bobby Brackins and Iamsu!. Taken individually the additional verses aren’t great, but as a sum total of a great beat, a nice hook and drunk-on-love verses from my favorite California dudes, it makes for a great Pop-now-turned-Rap song.

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