Tink’s Language of Love

Written by Crystal (@crystalleww)

Winter’s Diary 2 delves primarily into the R&B side of Tink’s rapper/R&B singer one-two punch. It simultaneously puts together the strongest, most cohesive statement on Tink while exploring a variety of R&B styles and sounds. As the title suggests, the project is all about reflection, a youthful rejection of the notion that the kids are only interested in living in the moment. At the same time, the album flits between quiet and minimal twinkly love songs (“Lullaby”), desperate, lonely yearning set over beats and a couple guitar chords (“Treat Me Like Somebody”), chiptune soul sampling (“Your Secrets”), a skip-hopping track that sounds like it could have been a Bruno Mars track at some point, but better (“Money Ova Everything”), and a weird echoing chamber beat that is definitely collaborators Future Brown rubbing off (“The Confession”).

“Dirty Slang” unlike other Chicago bop jams is a flirty but private party for Tink and her country boy. It’s funny that Rockie Diamonds (from Minnesota aka not a true country boy) is featured here, but he drawls on long enough to effectively play the country boy showing a mutual admiration for the city gal. Tink sounds absolutely giddy when thinking about him, letting the “you” in “put my hands on you” run off into day-dreamy eternity. Her fascination with his slang, his accent, his voice is sweet because she seems to lose the ability for language herself, with infinite runs and cooing during the bridge. All this is set over a twinkle. Of course; it’s appropriate for the starry eyes.

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