Chicago Hip Hop Summer 2012 begins

Ebone Hoodrich – Why U Lyin (Prod. by Chase Davis) (2012)

With MTV in town to shoot throughout the city and throw two separate shows, this week has been pretty crazy for Chicago rap;  King Louie announced through a Source interview that he had signed 2 or 3 mo. ago to Sony/Epic, dropped the “Val Venis” track he’d threatened a few months back,  and more than a few other artists dropped some must-downloads as well.

Not to be missed:

Chris Mille f. Yale Lucciani and Katie Got Bandz – Shake Somethin’ (Prod. by Smylez)

King Louie – Val Venis (Prod. by C-Sick)

Young Giftz and Broadway – Whoaaaaaaa (Prod. by LoKey)

Edai – Gucci (Prod. by Smylez)

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