Official DGainz Discography

DGainz just posted his complete production discography to his facebook page, and I checked with him to see if he’d be cool with me copying it over here so it might be more available to the general public / more googleable. So here is DGainz discography, as provided by the man himself:

Lil Kenny – Fresh N Fly
Lil Kenny – Swagg So Official
Lil Kenny – Let Em Know
Lil Kenny – I’m What It Is
Lil Kenny – I B Silly
F. Dot – Real Nigga
Choppa Da Goon – I Go Hard
Buck 20 Brick Boyz – We Ain’t Mad
F. Dot – Welch World (For Tha Hood)
DGainz & F.Dot – Waddown
DGainz feat. Vic Mone- I’m A Monsta
Choppa Da Goon feat. Sam u L & DGainz – Ya Man Ain’t Gotta Know
Buck 20 Brick Boyz – Neva Talk 2 Feds
Vic Mone – So Many To Choose
Choppa Da Goon – On My Grind
Billionaire Black – I Swear
Vic Mone – Still Goin’ In
DGainz & Billionaire Black – Wanna Be Me
Evon & I’man – Big Wheels
Vic Mone – They say
Sdot & Choppa Da Goon – Dat kush
Vic Mone, Billionaire Black & DGainz – Hypnotize Me
Billionaire Black – The Intro
Lil Durk – I’m a Hitta
Lil Durk – Gotta Go Hard
Kay One – Original
Billionaire Black feat Brittany & Sashagohard – Trust Me
DGainz feat. Buck 20 Brick Boyz, Vic Mone & Lil Durk – We Ball
Vic Mone- Same Ol’ Hoes
Vic Mone – Back In Dis Bitch (Murk Em)
Buck 20 Brick Boyz – Get It On
Sam u L – Stamina
Billionaire Black feat. 50 Shots – Rappin’ & Robbin’
Shady – Go In
Vic Mone – 9 5 Crazy
DGainz – Not At All
Choppa Da Goon – We On Live
DGainz – Canon Camera Shawty
Vic Mone – Too Good
Chris Mille – What’s My Name
Rocky Kicks – Magic “32
Chase N Dough – Double Moments
Buck 20 Brick Boyz – No Comparisons
King Louie & Boss Woo – Money Dance
King Louie – Where The Bitches At
Lil Durk – Fly Wit Me
King Louie – New Soul


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