I just wanted to be #1

Even though the LSU Tigers weren’t able to win the National Championship, Baton Rouge’s own Mouse on tha Track must have been cheering hard. His video for “All the Way Live” was full of LSU highlights, even if it wasn’t quite as entertaining as this LSU Championship video (hat tip blackbeans.tumblr.com). The first single for Mouse and his uniquely named partner Box’s mixtape All Options Open makes perfect sense as the school’s theme song, considering it opens with “I just want to be number 1, party with the girls, have fun”.

Once you’ve heard “Wipe Me Down”, “Zoom”, or even his more recent material like “Swagga Fresh Freddie,” it is impossible not to recognize Mouse’s buzzing-at-2am synths and the strong ‘90s No Limit/Cash Money Records influence. “All The Way Live” could populate all types of southern sporting events; it is pure party music with a a bit of Lil Jon’s European club sound incorporated into Mouse’s signature synth styles. There’s even a little bit of 2 Unlimited “Get Ready For This” in the mix. That Box is able to rework part of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Spirit” into an amped-up bridge, and retain its wrangling-with-fame themes in this basic party song, deserves some kind of appreciation. Even when pulling from so many different styles, the song has a conceptual unity; it doesn’t get mired down by ‘influences’ and pushes Mouse’s own style forward.

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