Mack Maine ft. Lil Wayne – Ryde 4 Me

This one is pretty simple: “Ryde 4 Me” is a straight Cash Money throwback. The beat doesn’t bounce like classic Mannie, nor is it nearly as fun, and Mack Maine is the rapper, so that’s what that is. But the chorus, sung by Mack in that swampy, melodic slur is a surprisingly effective Hot Boys homage, and it was enough to give me a few flashbacks. Wayne even almost skips across the beat like he used to way back when.

And that’s all it is, but for a rap powerhouse label and crew whose most interesting member after its big three is Short Dawg, any sign of life from its underlings (like, say, this) is probably worth mentioning. Especially if it’s from the guy that asked to fuck Miley Cyrus.


4 responses to “Mack Maine ft. Lil Wayne – Ryde 4 Me

  1. Wayne’s verse really sounds like its from 07 or something to me, you sure this isn’t some older unreleased tune? Shame “think its a game, ask Baby & Slim how I came” just made me compare it to the classic OG cos this is pretty decent otherwise.

    I forgot about that Tyga song, it still sounds pretty great.

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