Gunplay – Bogata preview

Hit up Dat Piff for a video preview of some tracks off his upcoming Bogata mixtape & tell me this doesn’t have the potential to be the hardest shit in life.

“Fuck Shit In My Life” verse is a classic off a video leak:

I put out all the fuck shit, fuck n****s, broke hoes and frienemies,
including the bottom-feeders, all the snakes and centipedes
thats why i beat up the beat and I never let it breath
ain’t no mercy for this verse, fuckin’ let it weep
I’m just another petty thief, never had a spaghetti feast
mindframe, godfather of the Genovese
play the game raw,
been looked at like a ki, it was a 8ball,
to me it was a paint job
i ain’t shit without my home boys,
share guns and yell DIE all in one voice!
I’m a mothafuckin slaughter, bein’ modest, my bitch a goddess, I’m ridin’ through the ghetto and I’m worth a million dollas

And while we’re at it, here’s Gunplay’s first-ever video from a few years back.

EDIT: Shouts to Jordan who realized that “Fuck Shit” actually leaked out already as a Triple C’s joint a month or two ago: download here.

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