There’s something to be said here about the nature of hip-hop & how its essence is the contrast of rhythmic vocals over music, that this has a visceral appeal. Attempts by rappers to avert that, that stop trying to sound cool & get other ideas (sometimes but not always singing, sometimes but not always rapping “in a technically proficient way,” sometimes but not always imitating another rapper, etc.) defuses the key tension that made hip-hop so immediate to me as a kid, that sense of contrast, but anyway this kid gets it better than I do so I’ll let him explain.

2 responses to “Awwww

  1. Rapping in a technically proficient way defuses the tension, sometimes but not always? A post expanding on the “sometimes but not always” would be interesting. I mean, I can see this in the case of, I don’t know, mid to late Common or anything that’s rap-as-easy-listening, but not in the case of the vast majority of technically sound rappers.

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