I got a promotion

Appropriate that this is happening the day that King Louie’s “Too Cool” remix has hit basically every major hip-hop blog in the stratosphere, when it was his music that initially spurred my return to rap blogging back in early October, but beginning today, I’ll be posting on the Fader’s hip-hop blog a couple times per day. I hope y’all will follow me there, although I’ll do a weekend roundup post on Friday or Saturdays here to keep people up on it. I will probably continue to post here, just more irregularly & with specific content, interview transcripts, etc.

Anyway, my first post is on the “Too Cool (Remix)”, naturally, and I include another song of his that I think everyone’s been sleeping on, the incredible “Smokin Dope.”

I figured I’d do a quick chronological run-down of some of the posts-of-interest I’ve written for this site since I jumped back into blogging regularly two months ago. I skipped posts that were just videos or track links or seemed of nominal interest. As always, follow on twitter @somanyshrimp to get in touch.

King Louie – Dope & Shrimp, Rap and Gumbo
King Louie – Get Paid verse lyrics
J. Cole – Cole World, Reconsidered (Written by Tyrone Palmer @yngblksocrates)
DaVinci Interview
The Return of Mystikal, KLC Beneath the Radar, Calicoe
King Louie & Boss Woo – Gumbo
MONEY MONEY MONEY (Posted by Serg @SergDun)
Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene in the Chicago Tribune
LEP Bogus Boys Part 1
He’s On Fire video / King Louie Discography
LEP Bogus Boys Part 2 – Interview
Plaid Palm Trees (Posted by Serg)
If I had a b**** like me then I would try to trap her too
Shady Nate / DJ Fresh interview
Bump J – Bad Influence
Lex Luger, Juicy J, “Smoke That Bitch” video
Big K.R.I.T. Production Poll
I get followed by Canibus on twitter
Reactions to Drake’s “Take Care”
I interviewed Pusha T
Eldorado Red – Til the Cops Come Knocking
2 Chainz and the Wink Flow
Joe Blow – You Should Be Paying Me
Reviewed Freddie Gibbs for Pitchfork; Sly Polaroid
If you wanted to hear Z-Ro on a Timbaland Beat
Ludacris – What You Smokin On feat. Wiz Khalifa
Weed and Shoes
Drunker Den a Fool
For the Ladies
Send It Overnite & HD’s Fresh
New York is Back, No ASAP

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