I interviewed Pusha T

Today I joined thirty other writers in releasing an interview conducted with Pusha T, a drop in the wave of publicity press for his new record “Fear of God II.” Shouts to Chris Weingarten for the A+ headline. Now I will add to the media noise by linking to it here and pointing out that French Montana kind of killed the hook to “Everything that Glitters,” which is more than I can say for Pusha’s verses which have an inconsequential blandness to me. I think Jordan’s Pitchfork review was a bit generous but is well-written so you should check that. Speaking of French, the alliance with G.O.O.D. Music seems like a bizarre one, although I guess French has been a hot prospect as he’s been affiliated with Konvict, Mizay and now G.O.O.D. Credit where its due though, his career definitely has longer legs than OJ the Juiceman’s did.

Also going to highlight my favorite French track from this year, Mack Mustard’s “Good Kush” which samples (as I’ve observed previously) a killer Leon Ware jam.

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