Eldorado Red – Til the Cops Come Knocking video

So I have to admit that, aside from So Many Shrimp classic “Play Your Position,” which is unimpeachable primarily due to the contributions of underrated Duct Tape beatmaker Lil Neal, I’ve passed on track after Eldorado track, open to the idea of him producing something worthwhile one day but largely find his presence a net zero. That said, I’m as susceptible to well-conceived sample re-contextualizing as anyone; what better way to enliven rote drug talk than a slow jam from Maxwell’s debut about sex so loud it has the neighbors calling 911? (h/t DGB)

2 responses to “Eldorado Red – Til the Cops Come Knocking video

  1. His tape with Alley Boy, “Return of the Mob” was good if not above-average. “Jeffe Music” not so much, but I think ‘Rado has some solid joints: Fresh Cut, Zips of the Loud, 100 Shooters, Whack Everybody, Ghetto Tryna Kill Me.

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