If I had a b**** like me then I would try to trap her too

Since The Martorialist recently showed some love to somanyshrimp fav King Louie, I thought I’d mention that one of my favorite things about his posts — something I’ve only noticed J-Zone really talk about — has been his emphasis on one of the important & often-forgotten aspects of rap music’s appeal to me as a young one: frank talk about sex & other forbidden / confusing aspects of adulthood.

As a kid/teen, you’re always grasping at context, because the world often seems like a confusing place, so I think one of hip-hop’s most visceral and attractive features is its blatant honesty and disdain for decorum. In that spirit, I present to the world a song better than any released this past Monday — and yes, that includes ASAP Rocky, for fucks sake — with Bo Deal’s “Safe Sex.”

Produced by Don Lee Exlusivez, the beat makes 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” seem soft as baby powder but retains its tropical flavor. This gives Bo Deal’s Chicago Code 2 tape a sense of needed diversity — always an issue on Brick Squad releases. The track is a next-level gender reversal of the cliche “I Luh Her“-type joints that find dudes ducking fatherhood.

6 responses to “If I had a b**** like me then I would try to trap her too

  1. Rap is the only form of entertainment that’s never deceived me about the machinations of sex, although I have to admit I’m still slightly disappointed chicks don’t let you stick baseball bats up them when the practice seemed to be commonplace for MC Ren during all of his sexual encounters in song.

    Safe Sex is the song Yo-Yo should’ve responded to Ice Cube with after You Can’t Fade Me.

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