LEP Bogus Boys Part 1

LEP – We Ain’t Come Here To Play video

Since “Now or Neva” drops next Monday, I figured I’d do a couple posts on LEP. I interviewed them a few weeks back for the Tribune, which you can read about here.

While there’s a level of theatricality to their current work that feels very obviously constructed — and is a huge part of their appeal in the current incarnation — there was an era in which the Bogus Boys came at the game from a visceral, hyperreal street-level angle. Larro passed a few years ago, memorialized in the Trib with the kind of glibness that Chicago street violence typically brings.

If you want a real throwback though, check out the earliest incarnation of Count with the LEP’s that recently surfaced on YouTube. He has the 2nd verse, comes in around :44 seconds in:

If someone can find me a quality recording of this tape I’d appreciate. Here’s another circa-late 1990s/early 2000s Count appearance. Here’s an even earlier LEP throwback featuring Law, who was affiliated with the group at some point. The YouTube uploader says it’s from 1991.

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