Chicago’s hip-hop scene in the Chicago Tribune

I wrote up a piece on the state of Chicago hip-hop. In print in tomorrow’s “On the Town” section.

Also, a sidebar here on ten notable Chicago acts.

And in case you missed it, here’s my review of the surprisingly entertaining Wale concert from a few nights back. Dude’s career has no rhyme or reason and it’s almost like he’s fallen into it by accident, but it’s hard to deny he’s got … something now.

6 responses to “Chicago’s hip-hop scene in the Chicago Tribune

  1. I actually am a fan of Mic Terror, and his name came up a few times wiith people I talked to; I was focusing on artists who seemed to have music/moves in the pipeline and I hadn’t heard about much coming from him recently. He’s definitely a talented cat though & one that I look out for. “Juke Them Hoes” got lots of club play around here at the time

  2. That Can I Borrow A Feeling? mixtape of his from last year had a few joints. “My belt buckle is a mistletoe, go ahead and kiss me low” is a lyric to live by.

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