King Louie & Boss Woo – Gumbo

Not to be confused with “Gumbo Mobsters” — I’ve been listening to Louie’s Man Up Band Up mixtape a lot lately. Although I stand by my characterization of his first tape, Boss Shit, as a Chicago classic, I’ve got to be clear that he’s come into his own in the past year, that this stuff is a huge step forward. (Boss Shit also has the disadvantage of sounding extremely 2007 — including freestyles over “Crank Dat” & “Buy You a Drink”). But his flow just has a distinctive flavor & I can’t think of many major rappers nationally who have more incredible material out right now.

His new tape, Dope & Shrimp, hasn’t leaked yet, and based on what I’ve heard, it’s got a good chance to be his biggest release yet. But More Boss Shit, Man Up Band Up and Chiraq Drillinois, as well as the collab tape Hardbody are all packed with some incredible music. If this is too intimidating of a catalog, you can check his Best of King Louie joint. It includes what I consider the best track off Dope & Shrimp (see track 4).

EDIT: And we have another best-of tape from his official DJ, DJ Twin.

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