King Louie – Get Paid verse lyrics

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On my bread, I’m mayonnaise’n
M.O.B., no ho-chasin’
just dope facin’, fo’ tasin’ [?]
stuntin’ hard, every location
on paper, no probation
king louie I’m uh-mazin’
made the money stand, ovation
only gas pack in rotation
dirty sprite got me so lazy
my bust it baby, his old lady
my east guys, they so crazy
yeah i’m broke but not po’ baby
flow sick, I’m so gravy
I’m poured up, tell em old baby
to get paid, we all bangin’
what we on, we on y’all stainin’
wide-body, get it all lane-in’
I’m Too Cool, all yall layman
stop flow, hall of fame-in’
his dame, boppin’ ain’t it
out her mouth, i done came in
i’m straight, y’all complainin’
money game, we all gainin’
teamwork make the dream work
i’m good off a mean jerk
couple zeros and a hot verse
got stupid bands in my man-purse
no machines or my hand hurt
loud only, can’t stand dirt
ballin’ hard, Sanders
I’m untouchable, Hammer. 

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