David’s SoManyShrimp Best Raps 2010

Stream the top 50 in youtube playlist format here.


1 Husalah – You Neva Know (Sample source: here)
2 The Jacka and Laroo – Don’t Be Scared feat. Matt Blaque (Eatin lobster and angel hair)
3 Waka Flocka Flame – Grove St Party
4 Lil Boosie – Top to the Bottom
5 Gucci Mane – Everybody Lookin
6 Max B – Where Do I Go (Video debuted 2010)
7 Young Humma feat. Flynt Flossy – Lemme Smang It
8 Alley Boy – Play Your Position feat. Eldorado Red (No video??)
9 E-40 – Hes A Gangsta feat. Messy Marv, The Jacka, Kaveo (Video version misses Mess)
10 Webbie – My People (No video??)
11 DJ Kay Slay – 60 Second Assassins feat. Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista & Jaz-O
12 The Jacka – We Mafia feat. Young Lott
(Might be #1 if not for Lott)
13 Meek Mill – Gasoline feat. Chic Raw
14 Diddy – Hello Good Morning feat. T.I. and Rick Ross (How does one stuff money through the valve of an air mattress?)
15 Lil Rue – Struggle feat. The Jacka, Fed-X, T-Wayne and Young Lox (Video coming soon!)
16 Juicy J – Break It Down feat. Project Pat (This song ‘gets’ lust)
17 HD – The 4th Quarter feat. Lil Blood
18 Gucci Mane – It’s Alive (Watch the crowd divide)
19 Rick Ross – Super High Remix feat. Ne-Yo, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y
20 Wooh da Kid – Body Bag feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Bo Deal
21 Tyga – Like Me
22 Rich Boy feat. Yelawolf – Go Crazy (Jim Jonsin dropped a great beat & Yela actually kills it)
23 Naughty by Nature – I Gotta Lotta (Sen Dog – “Capo” award for bringing it after the sell-by date)
24 Husalah – Money On My Mind feat. Keak Da Sneak and D-Lo (Credit to D-Lo for managing to upstage Hus)
25 Messy Marv – Motorbike
26 DJ Crazy Toones & W.C. – Frontline
27 Philthy Rich – So Much Pain feat. Rydah J. Klyde, Stevie Joe & Matt Blaque (Pac tributes should be legally required to include Rydah & Matt Blaque)
28 Beeda Weeda – Baserock Babies (Uniquely retro)
29 Cypress Hill – Armada Latina feat. Pitbull and Marc Anthony (If you cant fuck with CSNY samples I cant fuck with you)
30 Lil Rue – Push It (A hit in a just world)
31 Big K.R.I.T. – Children of the World
32 Gucci Mane – What It’s Gonna Be (What it ain’t gonna be?)
33 Yo Gotti – Rico
34 Keak da Sneak – Cop Heavy (DJ Fresh is underrepresented on this list)
35 Sean Garrett feat. Tyga and Gucci Mane – She Geeked (So, because censors cant figure out what Gucci’s saying they just bleep out random words like “creatures” now?)
36 AZ – Nothing Move feat. June Summers
37 Spice 1 – AK AK Loaded feat. OJ Da Juiceman
38 J Stalin – Don’t Front
39 Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow
40 Gucci Mane – Long Money (What else do I have to say)
41 L.E.$. – Keep It Playa feat. Big K.R.I.T. and Mookie Jones (It’s too bad dude’s raps are so boring cuz he picks better beats than anyone doing this post-Wiz/Curren$y style right now)
42 Yung L.A. – I Deserve This feat. Young Dro & Mac Boney (Concept is lol)
43 Gone In Alabama – Swag On Full feat. Clova & Jackie Chain (Classic Block Beattaz sound but why does the tape itself have no bass?)
44 LEP Bogus Boys – Going In For The Kill
45 Husalah – Choppas Out (This song is secretly super-weird)
46 Shake da Mayor – Street Life feat. Jacka and Scoot
47 Cousin Fik – Kaboom
48 Danny Brown – The Greatest Rapper Ever
49 Andre Nickatina – 1 Flight
50 Ski Beatz – Cream of The Planet (Most definitely)

1 E-40: Revenue Retrievin
2 The Jacka and Laroo: Neva Be The Same (20 Bricks – Season One)
3 Waka Flocka Flame: Flockaveli
4 Curren$y: Pilot Talk II
5 Gucci Mane: Jewelry Selection
6 Wooh da Kid: Blackout
7 Roach Gigz: Roachy Balboa
8 J. Stalin: Prenuptial Agreement
9 Nhtz Boyz: Power Triangle
10 Tum Tum: Purp Kobain
11 Twista: The Perfect Storm
12 Fat Joe – The Darkside Vol. 1
13 Roc Marciano: Marcberg
14 Pimp C: The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones
15 Big K.R.I.T.: K.R.I.T. Wuz Here
16 Danny Brown: The Hybrid
17 Ampichino & The Jacka: Devilz Rejectz 2
18 French Montana: Coke Boys
19 DaVinci: The Day the Turf Stood Still
20 Yo Gotti: Cocaine Muzik 5

10 responses to “David’s SoManyShrimp Best Raps 2010

  1. Bodacious list, well apart from Alley Boy who seems a bit Gibbs/Pill to me.

    This is an incredible era for rap with the sheer breadth of regional stuff coming out that we can now keep on top of via the ‘net, but it’s just a pity everything is so fragmented and messy because both Where Do I Go? and Top To The Bottom should’ve been huge hits.

    Totally slept on We Mafia.

  2. Ha, Alley Boy is boring but that beat makes up for it. He could be reciting ingredients from the back of a package of Doritos on that track & I would rep for it (pretty sure Curren$y has actually done this)

  3. Nice to see “Black Out” on the top Albums lists, as except for a few notes about “Body Bags” there does not seem to be much talk about that tape, and just noticed that “Grove St. Party” is getting played on the radio in Atlanta, and I can only dream that song hits anywhere close to “Hard in the Paint” levels of popularity.

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  5. Nice list. I’d never heard Rue’s “Push It” or some of the tracks by guys who aren’t quite the has-beens they’re supposed to be (W.C., Spice, AZ). I’m glad I have now.

  6. idk if u feel like helpin me but my bestie made me this gucci mix and i been tryin to find the name dis one song but idk who it even is but the lyrics go my bitch gotta bitch they lick eachother to thats somethin i wont do if u can hlp me preesh thx

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