ST 2 Lettaz- Black & Red

I was never really sold on the whole Huntsville International movement. I respect it what these guys are doing but as far as the music goes it just wasn’t really for me. Couple of joints I like  here and there but I wasn’t riding for it like some people I know were/do. Regardless today I decided to peep their new joint Black & Red and I’m feeling this track more than their usual output. Not saying I’m going to run out and cop everything but don’t ignore what these dudes are doing down in Huntsville.  Anyways peep game, it’s got some goddamn 80’s flashdance horror paced strings climbing for the beat that towards the end get cut with a synth tearing through. It teeters on too much but never goes over. The chorus builds the epicness of this song while the verses kind of bring it back from being too over the top, a bit of reality hold up the overwhelming dramatic chorus. Anyways I like this joint and you should listen to it because I fucking said so.

Black & Red

via hsvinternational

4 responses to “ST 2 Lettaz- Black & Red

  1. You know, I think that’s my problem with these guys now (I was a huge fan at first), that’s all their rapping ever does, inject a dose of reality into their crazy beats. Like let someone who doesn’t sound like your friendly neighborhood construction worker on these sick beats, someone who says outrageous shit and isn’t like, “well… I like college chicks… it was hard growing up in Huntsville… um… I can afford to drive a Hummer now… I wear Jordans…” Even aside from the actual words, their style, vocally, is the opposite of flashy.

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