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Booyah Bitches Podcast #7

I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a minute just because all the electro mixes I hear tend to be disappointing. I fucking love this shit so much, it’s such a throw back to my childhood. This shit is just straight up awesome. It’s a mix of my records and stuff I pulled from Stef’s stash. Some great shit and not even all of everything we’re sitting on. I’ll probably do another one of these. This one doesn’t have that many raps on it but I’m fine with that, I love the sound of drum machines. That fucking clap is so goddamn classic. Anyways enjoy, I know I will.  This music makes me want to post up at the park with my boombox blasting on fools. I want to do a miami bass and freestyle joint too but that’s for another day. Maybe I’ll have someone actually mix one of these podcasts.

Tracklist and more after the jump

This is the link to subscribe to the podcast feed. This music makes me want to throw a party, it’s just so much fun and none of these idiot ass dj’s play this shit. Instead they waste their time with bullshit rather than putting in the fucking effort to find this old shit that fucking slays whatever latest bullshit ass mp3 they got from a fucking blog that they can’t even name. Fuck you, play some real electro you bitch.


1) Paul Hardcastle – Panic

2) Dan The Automator – (the last song)

3) Uncle Jamms Army – Yes Yes, YEs

4) Rondey O – Your Chance To Rock

5) Cybertron – Clear

6) James Pants – Cosmic Rapp (Egyptian Lover Remix)

7) Egyptian Lover – And My Beat Goes Boom (long version)

8) Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt

9) Pretty Tony – Jam The Box

10) The Jonzun Crew – The Jonzum Crew

11) Pretty Tony – Fix It In The Mix

12) Man Parrish – Man Made

13) World Class Wrecking Crew – Surgery

14) World Class Wrecking Crew – Juice

15) Unknown DJ – 808 Beats

16) Bass Dominators – The Bass Is Too Strong

17) Dr. Ease & The Easetown Posse – Easetown Express

18) Rapp Mechanix – Rapp Mechanic

19) Maggotron – Radio Mars

20) Iron Age – Burden Of Empire

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