An Idiot Made A Mix

So I woke up this morning with this in my inbox. I didn’t ask for a mix but my friend Woo sent one along anyways. He’s not a dj or even very smart, in fact I don’t really even like him. I’m only friends with him because we like the same kind of rap and before he moved to bitch ass LA we hung out a lot and got wasted most of the time. Anyways check this out because shit you can’t go wrong bumping Fuck Little Bruce, that shit slaps:

This is a compilation I made of classic Northern California story raps from the 90’s. I made it under 80 minutes long so it should still fit on a cd if you still use those things. I do have enough tracks for another volume so if you do enjoy it let me know and I will try to put it together. If you have any suggestions for the next one let me know although I probably already have it. I did my homework. Yes, Mac Mall is featured twice because in my opinion he was the best story teller in the business and he murders these tracks. Anyway soak some game. Woo

mp3 and tracklisting after the jump

Northern Cali Slang

01.Cold Sweat – Mac Mall
02.Rescue 911- Dru Down f/ Yukmouth
03.Rules and Regulations – E-40
04.Straight Killer (Remix) II – C-BO
05.Runnin Out Da Crackhouse – Spice 1
06.Brotha Luv – U.D.I.
07.Half Thang – Richie Rich
08.Foul From The Start – JT The Bigga Figga
09.Fuck Little Bruce – Lil Bruce
10.Killa Cap Pilla – Mr. Doctor
11.Still Smokin Indo – Ray Luv
12.No Witnesses- IMP
13.Fonky Situation – Mac Dre
14.Young N Da Game – Mac Mall
15.Locked Up – Get Low Playaz
16.Me and Jesus The Pimp In A ’79 Granada Last Night – The Coup
17.Train With No Love – Andre Nickatina

12 responses to “An Idiot Made A Mix

  1. That’s a good tracklist.

    This maybe could’ve done with Liquor Sto’ by C-Bo instead of 2 Mac Mall songs, but, yeah, that’s a good tracklisting.

  2. Well done, especially Rescue 911! If you do a second one you might want to add Santa Rita Weekend although it’s kind of loose story wise and you already have one Coup song on there.

  3. All of this stuff is classic, but man, my favorite Bay Area story telling rap has got to be Mac Dre’s “Something You Should Know”. Everything about it is classic.

    “I started speaking / This a hell of a car / I said where we eatin / She said the Elephant Bar / I said the hell if we are / I’d rather Benihana’s / She said what’s that for? / I said for any drama”

    The first song on IMP’s self-titled album is dope as fuck too.

  4. Anyone else having trouble with the link? whenever I click on it, it just leads me to a blank facebook page and that makes me a very sad panda.

  5. I updated the link from the facebook joint, hadn’t realized it was doing that as my friend sent into me in a facebook message and I just copied it from there.

    should be downloading just fine but holler if you still got an issue and I’ll reup it to media fire or some shit

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