Roachy Balboa

The Roachy Balboa tape has been making the rounds and if by now you haven’t downloaded it you need to stop being lazy and check that shit. Dude comes with that freewheeling  high pitched delivery that just kind drifts from peaks to cracks as he rides through beats. There are plenty of raps about girls/pussy which I usually get tired of but when he comes with joints like Let Me Breath I can fuck with it, that universal frustration of being smothered. Roachy Balboa is definitely the most consistent of the Roach Gigz mixtapes, not as hype as Bitch I Go, but it’s more focused and the themes are more cohesive. This shit is way more polished that Buckets and Booty Calls.
One joint I didn’t upload but probably should have was Goomba Pimpin, that fucking beat is just this grinding slumper that just creeps along stretching out this dark bass that is barely holding on from becoming just static. I don’t know who produced this shit or who is even doing beats for Roach but he’s getting some heat.
Right now most as far as young talent goes San Francisco has been a ghost town compared to the Eastbay, filled with terrible raps from dudes who think standing on York means you can drop a tape full of generic done to death mob shit.  Roach gives me some hope that this city’s youth can still crank out some dope shit.
Anyways peep the two songs below or just man the fuck up and download it straight from his site

Roach Gigz – Let Me Breath

Roach Gigz – Respect It

4 responses to “Roachy Balboa

  1. good post yeah i spent all memorial day wkend bumping this — so dope

    he actually kinda reminds me of quik crossed w/ like ‘regular n***’-era mitchy slick

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