Turfing N Jerkin

Sleepy D is having a Turfin N Jerkin Contest! Submit your video today!

But the other day via softmoney via perfectionisperfected I grabbed this Sleepy D’s song Blap. Young L fucking laced this shit, the beat slaps so fucking hard, I’m a fan and I think it really shows just how much more developed Turf/Based music is than it’s bastard baby brother, Jerk music, which still is dominated by a more playful innocence. The bay’s version spawned out of the crazyness of hyphy, but became more stripped down to barebones aggressive slappers.

It’s a style that I prefer, not just because I live in SF but I like that harder shit period. That and stylistically speaking bay area rappers have a more developed delivery style than their Jerk counterparts. The LA kids making this kind of music still haven’t found super unique styles and the ones with the most unique voices are stuck in LA’s post blowed scene running around in battle rap graveyards or fucking with glitchhop burner scenes.  Of course I’m making big generalizations but there is a division of where those who came up under blowed/cve scene and the kids who became jerk rappers.

You look at the younger rappers from the bay who came up under the more recent influence of work from people like 40, keak, turf, fab, ect you can hear the influences in their voices and their rapping benefited from it. But for kids in LA the ones with the most talented influences stayed on the underground tip or pursued battles be it scribble jam ciphers or grindtime circle jerks. Technically jerk kids are largely the most basic of rappers, that’s part of the appeal, young over the top sound, but I feel like it will take some time for that scene to develop as far as the rapping goes. I mean shit I don’t know how many times someone told me they hated jerk shit because those dudes can’t rap. Or that it was some bizarro world of rap where the women were better than the dudes. But I think a part of that is because of those divisions in scenes.

Not that the bay doesn’t have it’s own divisions or shitty rappers but these are my random thoughts based on observations of two very similar scenes/styles. I think jerk shit came directly from the bay area’s sound, I can’t say I’m a 100 percent  on it but the story/rumor is that jerking developed when bay area kids went down to LA for college and brought the sound with them. LA kids just jumped on it and turned it into their own. I don’t know how much of this is true but it makes sense to me considering how heavy the bay shit was with high school kids when groups like the pack, go dave and others came out, naturally some of that had to filter down south.

If you think I’m wrong as shit about this tell me, I’m curious as to what the real story behind jerk shit is compared to the bay.

6 responses to “Turfing N Jerkin

  1. Nice post. I don’t really know for sure if jerkin came from the Bay, but I wouldn’t be suprised. A lot of those jerkin songs have some real original beats, but the raps are usually pretty bad. Some of the beats that I’ve been hearing from Pack members, DJ Fresh and others in the Bay lately have been straight bananas.

  2. I’m not in cali so I have can’t actually tell which came first. I did notice doh round this time last year when jerking came up how ridicously alike some of that shit sounded to based shit from 07-08 like Teamknoc/NHT Boyz and The Pack…
    I even saw someone post a NHT Boyz song from 07 and label it as a new 2009 jerkin song, no one even noticed it actually being older than this whole jerkin shit…

  3. I do know that the independent scene on the west coast is thriving and from what I have heard from some of the really good rappers has been influences from the east coast and dirty south.

    The west coast is more accepting of different kinds/styles of hip hop in the modern era from the golden days of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre that we grew up with.

    I just listened to “Blap” and it reminds me of southern hip hop. From this blog, I am thinking that Sleepy D is a west coast rapper. The rapping itself sounds like rap from the south and the beat is ok.

    Richard Henry

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